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Let people exert a free choice, fairly, Mr Prime Minister

by Priti Prakash | PUBLISHED: Apr 26, 2024, 5:37 am IST

Priti Prakash
Priti Prakash

When the Prime Minister of the country starts spewing hate speeches in his rallies, when he talks of mangal sutras in danger and household cash being distributed to infiltrators, when he starts giving selective  interviews to media outlets (ref to not a single Press Conference in 10 yrs), when his speeches are immersed in vitriol against a single opposition party, when his body language exudes aggression, when he starts putting elected Chief Ministers in jail, when the election speeches are not about development & the record of past 10 years but on Congress bashing, when he visits Nagpur for a night in 10 years in panic, when Twitter is asked to take down certain posts and ban some identities, its time to smell the coffee.     

He not just appears nervous but desperate and worried too. If his speech in Banswara Rajasthan & Tonk are not hate speeches, what is!  As per the BJP rulebook election times are times for polarization, doing Hindu muslim, and to the extent that now it is about the Constitution. And this election the Prime Minister himself is the torch bearer. Should the PM stature stoop so low!

He has already outgrown his party and thinks himself above it. An image that the Organisation does not approve of.  Some segments of RSS have pulled off their support to Modi and are said to be working to see his defeat.

Where is the Election Commission! Had this been any other party or individual a super swift action would have followed by the Commission. Maybe the selected appointees are trying to find some way to see that he the lord be bailed out of it somehow. The earlier ones just resigned and left, not for nothing. They had some conscience.   

This election will go in history as unprecedented. After the verdict of Supreme Court delegitimizing Electoral Bonds, and despite all efforts by the govt to not let the donations details come out in public, the PM comes up with totally flimsy argument in support saying that through Electoral Bonds this money trail could be known. Mr Prime Minister, as you have said in many of your earlier speeches targeting Congress, you think people) are fools!! All know that if it was not for the Supreme Court the truth about Electoral Bonds and the quid pro qo of BJP would not have been out in public domain.

The country is grappling with much more serious issues of unemployment, social inequality, inflation, women security and corporate corruption but our Prime Minister is talking of Congress taking away womens’ mangal sutras and installing X Ray to detect their hidden money. His obsession with Congress and muslims has been always at the core of his ideology. He has mastered hate for them. His politics centres around exhuming Congress and about making India a Hindu Rashtra by legitimizing the wiping out of muslim community. So essentially its Opposition mukt Bharat and muslim free India. When he is sensing setback after ten years of having been at the helm, he looks nervous.  

Yes we are a secular country as per the Constitution. For a multi faith country like India where every community has immensely contributed towards its freedom struggle, development and evolution, the idea of marginalizing or eliminating any, is firstly against the spirit of the constitution and secondly against its rich culture and ethos. As per recent public info Shah Rukh Khan’s good offices and popularity was brought to play with the Sheikh of Qatar to bring back our Naval veterans in Qatar’s custody for a crime no less serious as espionage as per the Gulf country.  The Khans of Bollywood are loved by people to heights of madness. Be it cricket, music, sports, science, technology, Diplomacy, Governance, not to miss Defence, muslims, as citizens of India have made our nation proud. 14% of our population is this community and for the Prime Minister to say that they have more children, stretches the hate to another level, as according to statistics presently the rate of fertility and number of children produced by muslims is lesser than Hindus. Search the Net and see. I personally have a lot of muslim friends who are Indians first and can lay their lives for India. The PM himself is instigating hate and dividing the society’s brotherhood which has coexisted since ages!   

A Tripura village has recorded not a single vote voted in the first phase. Manipur will show the result of PM’s silence on the gruesome riots that included brutal rapes of women, in the coming days. South is no BJP fan. A massive backlash against Agniveer and unemployment in Haryana youth is festering. Punjab is not in BJP’s lap. Regional parties of various states are not aligning with BJP. The INDI Block, particularly after Delhi CM Kejriwal’s arrest in the supposed Liquor Policy scam is giving Modi sleepless nights that is palpable in his outrageous and rancid speeches. As the baritone goes up and down dramatically it only conveys hate, divide, animosity, violence in a country that is known for its secularism, coexistence, brotherhood, and peace. Just spare a moment to remember the core values of our Constitution and stop dividing to rule. Stop parroting the past for creating fissures. We have a bright future with outstanding talent in our 1.40 crore population. Our diversity is our strength. You have already done good work in the last 10 years. Don’t let it get overshadowed by your vitriolic thoughts, your hate for a particular party and community. Its going to be disastrous for the nation, Mr Prime Minister.    

This is the time when I feel that if I do not speak I will be guilty of being a mute spectator. I also strongly feel that this is the time I need to say that I am a proud Hindu with many muslim and Christian friends who have been declared ‘infiltrators’ by the Prime Minister. They are as much Indians as anyone else. This election spare the nation of your hate and malice. Let people exert their free choice, fairly.
Priti Prakash
Priti Prakash

Political Commentator, Interviewer, moderator and Foreign Correspondent. With more than 20 years in journalism and experience of both print and electronic medium, she is Editor FacenFacts, news website.