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Top trendspotter's 2012 predictions

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 11, Jan 2012, 18:08 pm IST | UPDATED: 11, Jan 2012, 18:16 pm IST

Top trendspotter's 2012 predictions She is the top trendspotter who foresaw the rise of metrosexuals, terror threats and green product branding. Marian Salzman, of PR agency Euro RSCG Worldwide, works out what we want before we even know it. Here, New Yorker Marian, tells Jane Hamilton her top 12 tips for 2012.

DIGITAL DETOX: Mobile devices have seen millions of us hooked on the internet. A global experiment called World Unplugged found 1,000 young people reported symptoms similar to drug withdrawal when they went without media for 24 hours.

The backlash will be a digital detox. Mobiles will be banned from dining tables and establishments will boast "No Wi-Fi" as a selling point.

CHEAP THRILLS: The economic downturn will lead couples to appreciate each other more. Sales of condoms, sex toys and racy lingerie will soar as couples stay in for their thrills.

GIRL GEEKS: It's the end of all-male techno firms. IBM recently appointed their first female CEO, Virginia Rometty, and women are taking jobs in areas ranging from astrophysics to web firms.

With social media continuing to connect us, people around the globe will come together online to speak out against everything from bullying to state policies, forcing governments and big firms to listen.

SCHOOL OF THE WILD: Designed to combat problems including obesity, digital burnout and Vitamin D deficiency, parents will pay for kids to have classes in farming and nature. Teachers will encourage pupils to get muddy rather than spend their childhood playing on their Wii.

Rising unemployment will ruin men's love lives, as lack of cash and confidence makes them less attractive to women. Even men with jobs face being unemployed, wrecking careers and marriage prospects.

Almost a quarter of the world's population is 65 or older, so manufacturers will focus on wooing the more mature consumer. The successful new LG mobile phone boasts bigger buttons and text, while Toyota have introduced swivel seats to make it easier to get in and out of cars.

With reality TV falling out of favour, viewers will go mad for the next generation of scripted shows, including Modern Family, The Middle and Zooey Deschanel's sitcom New Girl, first shown on Channel 4 last week.

Internet TV will also grow with the launch of YouTube's scheduled programming and Google TV.

Gem firm Gitanjali has launched an ATM in Indian city Mumbai that dispenses diamonds — with 75 more planned around the country.

The booming nation will lap up luxury goods at a faster rate than anywhere else. Expect more fashion designers to tailor goods to Indian tastes, following Prada's Made In India collection.

More brands will attempt to bridge two generations, like Kenwood with their strong nostalgic values of parents cooking with their children.

Brands can also be passed upwards. Children are taking parents shopping at Topshop and Superdry, and helping grandparents pick an iPhone.

More social networking sites will connect local communities. America's insist users must live locally. Examples here include and

FAT PHOBIA: As even traditionally slim countries such as France see a surge in obesity, fear of being fat will spread across the globe. Big-name food firms such as McDonald's will be forced to reformulate foods to make them healthier.