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Peter Parker death: Amazing Spider-Man No 700 dies from this villain

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 27, Dec 2012, 14:42 pm IST | UPDATED: 27, Dec 2012, 14:42 pm IST

Peter Parker death: Amazing Spider-Man No 700 dies from this villain NY: Peter Parker's death in the Marvel Comics' "Amazing Spider-Man No. 700" takes place. Yep, the dorky, geeky teen you've grown up with since the early '60s falls at the hand of a longtime nemesis. While Peter Parker dies, does it signal the end to the web-slinger as you know him?

In a bit of post-Christmas irony, The Hollywood Reporter, on Dec. 26, reported the shake up of a story-line that shaped the franchise over years. But don't pull out your web-hanky just yet; there's another side to this R.I.P. Spider-Man story.

Yes, Peter Parker dies, but his death does not mark the end of the web-slinger...sort of. Sure, he croaks in the literal sense of the word, but is reincarnated in a weird sort of way.

In the current release of "700," Otto Octavius aka Doctor Octopus, gets into an epic battle with Spidey after spending the better part of a year trying to destroy humanity. It was supposed to be the last thing he did before his withering body went kaput. In other words, it was part of his bucket list.

Sadly, he kills the geeky teenager (gasp, gasp).

However, after Peter Parker's death, a startling epiphany occurs with Doc Ock; he has a change of heart.

Instead of celebrating the moment in which he takes out his nemesis; Doctor Octopus realizes that the misunderstood teen actually did a lot of good for the world. This moment of softness causes him to swap minds with the lifeless body and become a new and improved web-slinger.

With the death of Peter Parker, the new character becomes the "Superior Spider-Man."

But hold your horses a moment; Marvel and DC Comics are notorious for killing off boss super heroes, only to revive them in a mind-boggling sort of way. Just because Peter Parker dies; it doesn't necessarily spell the end to the prince of one-liners.