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Paris Gallery honors Kiron Soni Gupta's Art

By Radheshyam Tewari | PUBLISHED: 07, Dec 2013, 17:43 pm IST | UPDATED: 19, Aug 2015, 18:11 pm IST

Paris Gallery honors Kiron Soni Gupta's Art The work of Mrs Kiron Soni Gupta, a senior bureaucrat of Rajasthan Government and a great artist of the country has been selected in the exhibition of the Salon of the SOCIETY Nationale des Beaux-Arts, which will be held at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris on December 15 under the high patronage of Mr. Francois Hollande, President of the Republic.

It is the second time her work has been exhibited in Paris. Her works represents the colorful state where she toured during posting in the different districts of colorful Rajasthan.

She has taken rural themes as subjects and painted the festive moods of the peasants of those areas where she was posted as collector. The images she brought on the canvas are shining with joys. She has translated the rural innocence into strokes of two dimension surface. She has pursued a type of naturalism in the form and studied the moods of joyous land.

It seems that she is more concerned to follow pictorial suggestions and  has evolved a language of regular forms to translate pictorial compositions with  expressive powerful colors.

Her artistic life parallels administrative capabilities and artistic achievements. There is huge contrast between the lawful noting and free flow of emotional lining, more factual representation and romantic drawings, clash of administrative and colorful idea. It is remarkably a most visible contrast in her life as an artist and an administrator .

"I love to enjoy the festivity of the mesmerizing  deep colors of every day life in Rajasthan against all shades of poverty and struggle to live for. That attracts me"  says Kiran Soni Gupta.