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Momasar Festival: All about saving Sekhawati art and culture

By Radheysham Tiwari | PUBLISHED: 03, Oct 2014, 17:38 pm IST | UPDATED: 03, Oct 2014, 17:44 pm IST

Momasar Festival: All about saving Sekhawati art and culture Since last 12 years, a folk festival under the artful eyes of the Trust dedicated to the upliftment of local folk culture is being organized by  the various communities of the village Momasar collectively without discriminating against their religion, caste and creed in association with Jaipur Virasat foundation to give the villagers a sense of ownership and pride and to provide a platform to over 250 local folk artists across Rajasthan to showcase their talent and skills.

The festival creates a platform to connect local performing artists with the gamut of performing arts with an aim to celebrate the richness and diversity of the performing art forms to inspire the coming generation with the glorious century old traditions which are on the verge of extinction.

Like every past year the festival was held at the Taal Maidan in Momasar, a five hundred years old village. Being close to Ram Dewra a centuries old famous religious place where folk fair is held to attract a huge rush of pilgrimage who come to salute folk hero  of the state.

Momasar Festival is one of the regional festivals turned into a  popular  platform for performing folk arts, artists and musicians, folk singers of the state including Sekhawati region. The  festival was attended by more than 10 thousands of people. Community director MR. Vinod Joshi said “The Shekhawati Utsav - Momasar takes place in late September or the first week of October each year usually coinciding with the Navratra festival, which is celebrated with lot of  rural festivity”.

Jagdish Sharma, one of the coordinators informed, “The village also protects a 200 year old stepwell and some beautiful Havelis and temples. Momasar is famous place for colorful Holi celebration in the state.