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Why Delhi or as the heart says 'Dilli'

By Shweta Jha | PUBLISHED: 08, Sep 2016, 18:31 pm IST | UPDATED: 08, Sep 2016, 19:05 pm IST

Why Delhi or as the heart says 'Dilli' Delhi invites you for loads of things, which can keep you busy of days on a streach.
Being the capital of country and a big cosmopoliton, Delhi is nothing but a metling point of many cultures and sub cultures, traditions, ethnicities, habits. Though with such a diverse core its has withheld its unique identity, character, taste and colour.

Delhi invites you to get deep into its history, which is abolutely in many layers and can easily lead you into epical times.

Delhi can lead you into the waves of foody lanes where you can go on crazy food swings.

Markets are fascniting in Delhi and provide you with mind boggling varieties of things around. You may spend you life time exploring the markets and still the feeling of not totally and fully exploring things will stay in you counscience.

Then comes in the other aspect as well of being the administrative head of country as we have our Parliament here, residence of the supreme of the country i.e., the first citizen of India, The President.

Also house our parliament members with our Prime Minister, top officials and the list goes on. For the matter of fact, we even have state legislature adding to the crowd of eminents.

There are a list of place of worship which are open for not only the devotes / believers but aithests or non-believer. You are welcome to walk-in and seek blessing, be spiritual and feel the presence of super powers protection. God bless.

Delhi is the one of the top green cities in the world, has lush green gardens which invites people to come embrace nature, be part of nature, come out of the artificial life of ours, breath fresh, rejuvinate, recharge, enjoy week-ends and holidays.

Delhi is also a place of knowledge with thousands of institutuon, schools, colleges, reseach plces, acadamies, place of art and culture and on and on and on, why not, Delhi needs this bit as well. For breef info, Delhi has four central universities, two institutes of national imortance, one state university and a ten deemed universities…… great, isn’t it?

So why not Delhi….. naaaaaaaa……… Delhi.