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'Fashion photography all about teamwork, creating synthesis'

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 05, Jan 2017, 17:16 pm IST | UPDATED: 05, Jan 2017, 20:33 pm IST

'Fashion photography all about teamwork, creating synthesis' New Delhi: Fashion photography is all about teamwork and the real challenge lies in creating a synthesis of the various elements that go into it, says 28-year-old Richa Maheshswari, one of the few women photographers in an otherwise male-dominated world — a scenario that is slowly changing.

Fashion photography “is never a one-person thing, it is always teamwork”, Maheshwari said, pointing to the various elements — crew, location, attire, models, make-up and editing — that go into the making of a good photograph.

“The challenge lies in creating that synthesis. Once you are able to bring the best out of each and every aspect of the smallest entity, the bigger output comes out to be nice. You need to recognise what situation it is, where you are doing the shoot, with whom you are doing it, you have to bring the best out of the person,” Maheshwari told IANS in an interview at her studio in South Delhi’s Ghitorni neighbourhood.

“I always had an inclination towards fashion, art and photography. Photography was the best medium to express my creativity and my thinking about a particular style and fashion. I clubbed my avocation and vocation and translated my calling into fashion photographs,” Maheshwari explained.

For her, fashion photography is an art. “Creating art or displaying it is someone’s perspective of looking at things or presenting things. It is in the hands of artists how they want to communicate fashion trends. It is subjective to a particular person’s viewpoint,” she added.

“Fashion trends keep changing. If a colour or a pattern becomes popular it becomes a trend, but this is not for fashion photography. Every photographer has a different style of working and setting a fashion trend is dependent a lot on photography. Defining a particular trend or pattern in fashion photography is difficult,” Maheshwari explained.

Born in Kanpur, Maheshwari was always strong in academics, but it was art that drew her. It all began a few years ago when she joined the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) here. She started freelancing when she was in her third year and had her own studio by her fourth year. There has been no looking back since.

“The actual spice of any work is the challenge it possesses; otherwise it is like the regular job. Challenges make you work more,” noted the photographer, who recently launched her calendar.

Photography, which is considered to be a male domain, is now seeing a change and Maheshwari thinks this is because women are more career-focused, hard-working and ready to accept challenges.

“There is competition in all the professions and women are excelling in each and every field. It’s not just fashion photography or fashion. Women are, I believe, more dedicated and put more effort into their work. The thinking has been changing; women are accepting stronger careers. They are entering careers which earlier were dominated by men and they are excelling because they are really good at doing what they are and fashion is something which women are really good at. We have been changing the perspective of people,” she explained.

There’s also a flip-side to her profession as she finds that working for clients at times reduces the scope to showcase one’s talent but that’s a challenge in itself.

“I strongly believe that there should be no restrictions on an artist. But I take it as a challenge when it comes to working for clients as it pushes me to give my best within the walls that are raised,” Maheshwari stated.

For a fashion photogrrapher, can the world of filmdom be far behind? Not so!

“I love Deepika Padukone. According to me, she has the perfect body and features and she is one who carries herself pretty well. She has got the eloquent style and very beautiful face and I would love to capture her (through a camera).

“I would like to capture Randeep Hooda; he has got that really strong looks. All the other actors are done and dusted.

“Globally Rihana — there is something about her and the best part about her is that she is very confident and personifies the strength of women,” Maheshwari concluded.