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Success story of Gopi Chand, A Divyang person of Bharatpur

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 23, Jan 2017, 14:16 pm IST | UPDATED: 23, Jan 2017, 15:32 pm IST

Success story of Gopi Chand, A Divyang person of Bharatpur Bharatpur: 21 years old Gopi Chand, a 'Divyang' person, belongs to the schedule caste and living in Koli Mohalla, Kaman, District Bharatpur, Rajsthan.

He is disabled with his right leg and cannot walk or run easily. He has 8 family members in his family including him.

He is just Intermediately qualified & earlier he was not specialised in any type of skills therefore he was facing a lot of problems in getting job.

He was totally dependent on his family for his daily needs,even two time breads. But when he first met the mobilization team of of INTELLIGENCE MANPOWER SERVICES Pvt. Ltd. who is working for the welfare of disabled persons since 2014, he got the confidence that he can also live his life independently.

He joined home appliances course free of cost, running under RSLDC by INTELLIGENCE MANPOWER SERVICES at its Bharatpur center & developed the skills in him.

He is now running his own shop as DEVA ELECTRICIAN & earning Rs 8000 per month.