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I will quit acting: Kamal Haasan

By Fnf Desk | PUBLISHED: 26, Sep 2017, 11:46 am IST | UPDATED: 26, Sep 2017, 11:46 am IST

I will quit acting: Kamal Haasan CHENNAI: On the verge of taking a political plunge, Kamal Haasan says he is willing to dive to any extent -be it joining hands with the bjp or quitting cinema -if it means public good. Excerpts from an interview with Arun Ram :

You've chosen to launch a political party. What was the tipping point?

It happened over time. It's a major decision. Anger is just one part of it. If you ask a Naxalite, anger is a quotient, but there is an ideology that you believe in...

What's your ideology?

There is a buffet of ideologies for me to choose from. I've been a fan of certain communist and socialist ideals. Some have failed, some have succeeded. I've lived long enough to understand where all they failed.

Will you remain on the Left?

Not necessarily. I may have to make some adjustments and come to the centre because people matter more. I am willing to serve, but I am still cooking.

Politics can be quite hectic. Will you quit cinema?

Politics is too big a game to feel the absence of a Kamal Haasan. And art is a bigger sea.

Will you stop acting?

Well, if I take up a position legally, I will have to. It will be painful. I will still be connected (to cinema) but won't be actively engaging in it because my commitment would be something else.

Where does the BJP stand in your scheme of things?

Right now they are going deep right. I have been vociferous against government on things like beef. I used to eat beef, but I've stopped. That doesn't mean others shouldn't eat beef.

Do you rule out a tie-up with the BJP?

If my ideologies are not hindered and if it is only about administration, there can be (collaboration). Somewhere you have to think about the welfare of the state. I don't know if they find my ideologies comfortable. There is no untouchability in politics, if it is for the good of the people.

Doesn't being a rationalist stop you from tying up with the BJP?

Being a rationalist, for me, doesn't mean destroying temples. You cannot eradicate bhakti overnight, it may happen in due course.

And does that apply to the congress, the DMK?

It doesn't matter. Only that they do not hinder the path I have taken.I am against corruption. I won't have truck with corrupt people.There the uncompromising attitude will come in. That leaves me with very little choice.

What is your priority?

Reaching the poor. If it doesn't reach the last poor man, your constitution is wrong.

And corruption?

Corruption is not confined to one person. Corruption starts with that man who takes Rs 5,000 for his vote. We have to make people understand and end corruption. We were once cannibals. Somebody was able to put sense into people and cannibalism abruptly stopped.

Are you confident of stopping corruption abruptly?

No. When I say abruptly, I mean when you look at the long history, it was an abrupt end. Corruption cannot be stopped overnight. You can contain corruption and that's a beginning. I might be a rookie, but I am not naive. Let me talk about my own industry... Where do I stop corruption? I said I will pay my taxes, I will not touch black money.

Will you be uncompromising or will you be tactical?

Both have to be used in good measure. If compromise means I have to allow a little corruption, I will be uncompromising. That's like having fecal matter on the dinner plate.

Once in politics, you will have to criticise some people -including probably Rajnikanth -with whom you have been friendly.

Criticising doesn't mean insulting. It can be done constructively and with great poise. And that's what rajni and I have promised each other. We have different paths. We don't agree with each other even on the kind of films we do.

Have you thought of being the chief minister of Tamil nadu?

No. It is very juvenile when media says I want to become the chief minister.

Would you play second fiddle to another leader?