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Mrs India Earth 2017 Dress Designer Seema Singh gets best costume designer title

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 30, Oct 2017, 16:28 pm IST | UPDATED: 30, Oct 2017, 16:42 pm IST

Mrs India Earth 2017 Dress Designer Seema Singh gets best costume designer title New Delhi: Women are moving forward in every field whether its education, science or art -today they are unbeatable. It is said that Almighty has given the woman a unique talent of self refining which provides new dimension to her. An example of such gifted talent is Abhimanyu Seema Singh, who has achieved heights as eminent dress designer through her hard-work & dedication. Her success exhibits the hard work she and her family has put to make her reach where she is today.

There are several accolades in Seema Singh's career of fifteen years but recently another feather has been added to her cap that is best costume in Mrs. India Earth 2017. She ensemblled all types of attires whether it may be casual or occasional in the wardrobe for Arijeeta Garg, who has won the Misses India Earth 2017 Global Ambassador Award, which included traditional outfits, feather dresses and evening gowns.

The family environment of Seema is political so parents naturally used to put pressure on her to take a serious career. After finishing Masters in Political Science, Seema opened a school for poor children where they were taught free. But it is said that the spark cannot be extinguished. After her marriage it was her husband who helped her to pursue her dream and move forward in the direction of fashion designing. After completing the course, Seema launched her own label, named 'Mani’ which has now become a renowned label.

In Mrs India Earth 2017, she had presented the traditional attire of Uttar Pradesh, which was a big challenge in itself because it was not easy to showcase all the dresses of a big state like Uttar Pradesh in that short span of time but Abhimanyu Seema Singh not only accepted this challenge but also got rewarded for the same.

In a press conference held at the Indian Women's Press Corp, Seema shared how her journey started and how she became what she is today. Mrs India Earth 2017 Global Ambassador Arjeeta Garg also shared her success story. On this occasion, special guest, Renu Shahnawaz Hussain also praised the designs of Abhimanyu Seema Singh. Renu narrated a poem on women's empowerment too.

Soon Seema is coming up with her own fashion show. Its truly said, you need to have desires to achieve your goals which Seema has peoved.