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Google welcoming 2018 with a special penguins Sunrise New Year's Day Doodle

By Jack Thomas | PUBLISHED: 01, Jan 2018, 10:11 am IST | UPDATED: 03, Jan 2018, 17:40 pm IST

Google welcoming 2018 with a special penguins Sunrise New Year's Day Doodle New Delhi: Search giant Google is welcoming 2018 with a special New Year's Day Doodle, featuring two 'penguin pals' watching the sun rise on a brand new chapter.

Monday’s Doodle is the final installment in a series celebrating December global festivities. Previous episodes saw the two penguins pack their bags in an icy igloo and travel to spend the holidays with their warmer-weather relatives — a toucan and a parrot — where the reunited group enjoyed a Christmas Day feast of fruit, fish and pie.

Just as catching up with family and friends is the gist of the festive season, Google Doodle today (January 1) features a pair of penguins reunited with their parrot friends and having a blast as they celebrate and welcome the New Year.

The adorable story of the penguins unfolded on December 18, showing the ”slippery-footed siblings” packing to go visit their parrot pals, after receiving a call from the macaw couple. The first slide showed the bundled up penguins getting ready for a tropical holiday with their friends.

The second Doodle of the series featured on December 25, Christmas Day, with the penguins meeting up with their friends after traversing from the cold climates of the Southern hemisphere to the tropics – what with the group enjoying a hearty feast amidst palm trees.

As the year drew to a close, the last Doodle of 2017 showed the friends painting the town golden and fireworks lighting up the sky. The final slide shows the penguins and the parrots partying and welcoming the New Year with much glee.

On New Year's Eve, the feathery foursome marked the end of 2017 with confetti, sparkles, and fireworks in another special Doodle. By New Year’s Day, the penguins have returned to their wintry home, but not without a memento: a straw hat lies nearby, a reminder of their holiday fun and their faraway friends. The two travelers watch the sun rise on 2018 “and look forward to what’s ahead” in the year to come, Google says.
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