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Italian men's cosmetics brand Womo announces partnership with Genesis luxury for India

By Jack Thomas | PUBLISHED: 13, Jul 2019, 15:02 pm IST | UPDATED: 13, Jul 2019, 15:47 pm IST

Italian men's cosmetics brand Womo announces partnership with Genesis luxury for India Milan/Mumbai: WOMO, the men's cosmetics brand owned by Percassi, and Genesis Luxury, a Reliance Brands Limited company, announce that they have signed an exclusive long term agreement for the entry of WOMO in India.

The exclusive distribution and master franchise agreement with Genesis Luxury foresees the opening of a flagship store in Mumbai by the first half of 2020, where the WOMO product lines and the cutting and shaving services of Bullfrog, the barbershop founded by Romano Brida and acquired by Percassi in 2014, will be offered. This partnership will also look at other multichannel opportunities in India in the near future.

The entry of WOMO into the Indian market is part of a global expansion strategy, which also includes a consolidation of the brand's presence in Italy, through the opening of new flagship stores.

WOMO currently has seven stores, six in Italy (in Milan, Riccione and Bolzano) and one in Switzerland (in Zurich), as well as it is available in 29 European countries through the e-commerce channel. Bullfrog, which combines the art of Italian barbers’ shaving with the atmosphere of North American street barbers, is present in all WOMO stores and has six franchise stores (5 in Italy and one in Munich).  Its products are also available in 250 stores (of which 200 in Italy and 50 in Europe) through exclusive distribution agreements.

Stefano Percassi, Founder and President of WOMO, said: "The agreement signed with Reliance Brands for the launch of WOMO in India is a source of great satisfaction for us. This partnership will allow us to make the most of the multi-channel opportunities in the Indian market, which are well suited to our offer. I am sure this will give a decisive boost to the internationalization of the brand."

Sanjay Kapoor, Founder and President of Genesis Luxury added: “Indian men have become image conscious and now don’t shy away from paying attention to personal wellness and appearance. It is the perfect time for a brand like WOMO and Bullfrog to enter India because it would make a perfect choice for modern gentlemen. I feel no brand understands the needs of a modern man and his hectic life better than WOMO and Bullfrog.”
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