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Chinese Oriental Arts Performing Group brings Chinese culture close to India

By Priti | PUBLISHED: 08, Jan 2020, 16:16 pm IST | UPDATED: 08, Jan 2020, 16:30 pm IST

Chinese Oriental Arts Performing Group brings Chinese culture close to India New Delhi: To mark 70 years of India China diplomatic relations, China has lined up outreach programmes in India the whole year round. The Chinese embassy is organising a cultural show at Siri Fort Auditorium later this week which will have national performances of artists of China's most popular and prestigiuos troupe. The aim of the cultural outreach is to introduce Chinese culture to Indians as this year is being marked as the year of cultural and people to people connect. Chinese Lunar Year begins from January 25, 2020.

The troupe called Chinese Oriental Arts Performing Group, established in 1950 has performed in 70 countries and last they performed in India was 20 years ago. It will be a 90 minutes performance which will include some Hindi numbers too. A reflection of the influence of Indian culture like Buddhism, Brahminism will be seen too, an embassy source informed. 35 events have been planned in India as a part of the outreach which will include seminars, talks etc. In this series a Book Exhibition was held by the embassy.      

Cultural and Education Councillor at the Chinese embassy in New Delhi, Zhang Jianxin said, 'Indian culture is much stronger and doing much better in China in terms of propogation of Yoga, Bollywood films, music and dances, art and craft through media broadcasting and popularity but Indians do not know much about Chinese culture. We want to introduce Chinese culture through this event. Indian performances in China are attended hugely by Chinese people as well as media.' This exchange mechanism between Indian and China was initiated in 2008. It was named Happy Chinese New Year. Chinese logo, its zodiac sign is used as brand name.

On the popularilty of Hindi in China Jianxin said, 'Hindi is a language learnt and taught by many Chinese universities. Indian holy scriptures like Mahabharat, Ramayan and Gita are also translated from Sanskrit to Chinese. In last 2 years Chinese have translated certain Indian classics to Chinese.'       

About China Oriental Performing Arts Group

China Oriental Performing Arts Group is a cultural group at national level. It comprises of the Chinese Song and Dance Troupe and Oriental Song and Dance Troupe, two most prestigious state song and dance troupes in China that have been receiving constant concern and support from the Party and state’s central collective leadership. They have represented the highest standard of music and dance art in China, nurturing numerous world renown artists, and creating and performing countless fine art works well received by Chinese and foreign audience. Having performed all across China, they have also visited 5 continents covering more than 70 countries and regions on behalf of our country, and participated in many important performances for national affairs, playing a unique role of 'cultural envoy' on the diplomatic front.

China Oriental Performing Arts Group inherits and aims to carry forward the China oriental artistic spirit and characteristics of “inclusiveness of fine Chinese and foreign cultures, richness of artistic expression, adaptability of advancing with the times” accumulated by generations of artists. In the principle creating art works according to the needs of people, the group showcases Chinese aspirations and highlights oriental characteristics with a unique artistic style, striving to create more fine works that will stand the test of time. They aim to deepen the reform and achieve balance between social and economic benefits, so as to make contributions to the friendship and exchange between China and the rest of the world, and to achieve the China Dream of great national rejuvenation.

Dance Poem The Splendor of China

The Splendor of China, the dance performace, demonstrates diverse colors of China, its elegance and its magnificence. Selecting the essence from traditional Chinese culture of 5000 years, it is a dance show that integrates profound Chinese spirit, aiming to present a ritual nation from the perspective of Chinese people and a colorful nation from the angle of the world.

The show is created on the basis of colors of white-and-blue porcelain, tea ceremony, bamboo, calligraphy, painting, traditional Chinese medicine, etc, which are some representatives of traditional Chinese culture. Changing between being impressionistic and realistic, the dance show demonstrates the elegance of poetry, calligraphy, rites, and music, while the variation between ink and blank demonstrates the magnificence of a big country. The show is a like a colorful flowing poem as well as a moving painting depicting the charm of misty and refined South China as well as bright and brave North China.
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