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Petrol falls to Rs 103.97, diesel drops to Rs 86.67 in Delhi

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 04, Nov 2021, 18:00 pm IST | UPDATED: 04, Nov 2021, 18:03 pm IST

Petrol falls to Rs 103.97, diesel drops to Rs 86.67 in Delhi

New Delhi: After the Central government announced a major cut in the excise duty on petrol and diesel on Wednesday (November 3), fuel prices dropped in all major cities across India, providing respite to the common man on Diwali. 

With the latest reduction in excise duty on fuel prices, petrol is selling at Rs 103.97 per litre in Delhi. Petrol prices in Delhi have dropped by Rs 6.07. On the other hand, diesel prices have been reduced to Rs 86.67 after a drop of Rs 11.75 in the capital city. 

In Mumbai, petrol price now stands at Rs 109.98 while diesel is retailing at Rs 94.14 after the ease in excise duties. Currently, petrol and diesel prices are the highest in Mumbai among all the four major capital cities in India. 

Moreover, petrol is now selling below Rs 102 per litre in Chennai at Rs 101.40 per litre while diesel price now stands at Rs 91.43 in Tamil Nadu’s capital city. Here are the petrol and diesel prices in major cities in India:

City       Petrol           Diesel

Delhi     Rs 103.97     Rs 86.67

Mumbai Rs 109.98     Rs 94.14

Chennai Rs 101.40      Rs 91.43

Kolkata  Rs 104.67      Rs 89.79

Meanwhile, the Gujarat government, on Thursday (November 4), announced a reduction in petrol and diesel prices by Rs 7 per litre. Similarly, the Uttar Pradesh government has lowered the VAT on the two petrol products, making them cheaper by Rs 12 per litre in the state.

The decisions from several states have come after the Finance Ministry on Wednesday had announced that excise duty on petrol will come down by Rs 5 and that on diesel by Rs 10. The reduced petrol and diesel will be effective from Thursday. 

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