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Andhra women loses Rs 16 lakh while trying to sell her kidney

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 15, Dec 2022, 18:01 pm IST | UPDATED: 15, Dec 2022, 18:03 pm IST

Andhra women loses Rs 16 lakh while trying to sell her kidney

In yet another shocking instance of financial fraud, a woman in Hyderabad lost Rs 16 lakh to scammers while trying to sell her kidney to repay debt. The news came to light after the lady approached the police station seeking help. According to reports, the woman is a nursing student and had withdrawn Rs 2 lakh from her father's bank account. She want to deposit the amount back in her father's account and since she had no other source of income, she decided to sell one of her kidneys.  

The student hails from Andhra's Guntur. The girl posted details online that she is willing to sell her kidney for Rs 2 lakhs. However, instead of any needy, cyber scammers noticed her message and contacted her using the details provided by her. The scammers offered her Rs 3 crore for the kidney. The girl believed in them and fell into their trap. 

According to the girl's complaint as reported by the Times of India, a person named Praveen Raj contacted her through social media and informed her that they will deposit 50% of the money in advance before the operation to take out the kidney. They, however, said that the lady is required to pay Rs 16 lakhs for taxes and police verification costs. 

To take the lady into confidence, the scammers opened an account with Citibank and transferred Rs 3 crore into it. Seeing this, the lady transferred Rs 16 lakhs to the scammers and requested an advance 50 per cent payment. 

The scammers shared a Delhi address with her and asked her to collect money from there. When the girl reached the address, she found it to be fake. Even after this, the girl did not inform her father about this. 

When his father found out about the transactions, he called his daughter to return home but she fled the Hyderabad hostel. The girl was later traced by police to her friend's house following a complaint by his father. 

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