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Rajasthan Woman marries Lord Vishnu. Reason - family pressure to get married

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 16, Dec 2022, 20:29 pm IST | UPDATED: 16, Dec 2022, 20:29 pm IST

Rajasthan Woman marries Lord Vishnu. Reason - family pressure to get married

A marriage in a village near Govindgarh in Jaipur is making headlines for all the bizarre reason. While all the rituals - from Ganesh Pujan to pheras - were performed during the wedding. Everyone, except the groom, was present in this marriage. Pooja Singh, 30, of Jaipur has become a topic of discussion among all after getting married to Lord Vishnu. The photos and videos of the wedding are  going viral on social media.

Pooja Singh, a resident of a village near Govindgarh in Jaipur, Rajasthan, surprised everyone by marrying Lord Vishnu. The latest pictures and videos are also in the headlines. 

On December 8, Pooja Singh married Lord Vishnu with complete rituals. In this unique marriage, Pooja herself put the sandalwood instead of vermilion in the name of Lord Vishnu. 

When asked what made her marry Lord Vishnu, Pooja said that she had thought that she would not marry, but she was fed up of listening to people's taunts, so she got married to Thakurji sitting in the temple to make people stop talking about her marriage.

Pooja said that since childhood, she witnessed fights between her parents so she decided never to get married. She did not want to destroy her life behind this. 

After getting married on December 8, Pooja lives in her house and every day she prepares food for Lord Vishnu sitting in the temple. Pooja said that the society makes fun of her, but she has accepted Lord Vishnu as her husband. Many people in the society have even supported and joined Pooja her happiness.

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