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Naveen Krishna Rai of IIM Indore trained civil judges on unbiased decision-making at JTRI, Lucknow

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 06, Oct 2023, 17:57 pm IST | UPDATED: 06, Oct 2023, 17:57 pm IST

Naveen Krishna Rai of IIM Indore trained civil judges on unbiased decision-making at JTRI, Lucknow
New Delhi: Under the refresher training program for 65 Civil Judges (Junior Division) of Uttar Pradesh, the Judicial Training and Research Institute (JTRI), Lucknow on Wednesday organized a vital session on 'Unbiased Decision Making and Conflict Management’. Naveen Krishna Rai, Manager, IIM Indore was the resource person for this session. 
Rai touched upon various relevant concepts from decision sciences, management, negotiation theory, and psychology that can aid the participants in understanding the finer nuances that play a role in the process of critical examination and decision-making. 
He elaborated on the Schema Theory, which sheds light on how our unique life experiences shape our perspectives. He also dwelled on the interest vs. position-focused approach to conflict resolution. This approach emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between the explicit positions taken by parties involved in a dispute and their underlying interests, often hidden beneath the surface. Developing the skill to read between the lines empowers judges to diagnose the root causes of conflicts, paving the way for more effective and fair resolutions.
The training also explored other concepts like the Veil of Ignorance, which advocates impartiality and emotional detachment as imperatives to decision-making, and Distributive Justice, which underscores the importance of championing reason-based allocation of resources based on verifiable facts and objective realities and needs rather than personal preferences. These ideas further enrich a judge's arsenal, emphasizing the importance of objective, fact-based decision-making.
Rai said that Unbiased decision-making and adept conflict resolution are not only essential for judges in the courtroom but also integral to their personal and professional lives. These skills enable them to deliver fair judgments while efficiently managing personal and organizational conflicts. Decision-making forms the foundation of a judge's skill set, ensuring their effectiveness. Whereas Conflict management, a multifaceted tool, not only enhances their performance but also strengthens their leadership abilities.
The training session was conducted with the intention of bringing in the managerial school of thought, which aimed not only to refine the art of decision-making but also to equip judges as adept managers and leaders. and to instil intellectual rigour and a nuanced perspective.