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Israels Brahmastra Against Hamas? Sponge Bomb

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 28, Oct 2023, 17:40 pm IST | UPDATED: 28, Oct 2023, 17:40 pm IST

Israels Brahmastra Against Hamas? Sponge Bomb New Delhi: With the Israel-Hamas war inching towards completing a month, the Israeli Defence Forces has prepared a new stratgey to overcome the tunnel network of Hamas militants. The Israeli Army has attacked 150 underground positions of Hamas in Northern Gaza. According to Israel, it has targeted Hamas' tunnels, underground battle positions and basements. Israel claimed that many Hamas terrorists have been killed in this. Now, the condition of Hamas terrorists hiding in the tunnels of Gaza is going to get worse. In fact, with the ground offensive in Gaza, Israel is now preparing to attack Hamas positions with sponge bombs. After wreaking havoc from the sky in Gaza, the Israeli Army has now started a ground operation. Israeli tanks are raining bombs wherever Hamas terrorists are hiding in Gaza.

Israel has made a new strategy against Hamas. Israel is going to use sponge bombs. Israel will detonate sponge bombs inside the tunnels. A sponge bomb explodes due to a chemical reaction. Sponge bomb leaves a thick layer of foam behind which cannot be cut and destroyed by bombs. Sponge bombs can block air inside the tunnel and thus would lead to the suffocation of terrorists inside the tunnel. Sponge bombs are effective in closing tunnel paths.

The Israeli army carried out a massive bombardment on Gaza last night. Israel dropped bombs on several areas in Gaza overnight, claiming to have destroyed several Hamas positions. Israel has also claimed to have killed the head of Hamas' aerial unit, Issam Abu Rukbeh, in an overnight airstrike. The development was confirmed by the Israel Defence Forces and Shin Bet security services. Abu Rukbeh was responsible for overseeing Hamas' drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, paragliders, aerial detection systems, and air defences.

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