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Neil Comes In Support Of Abhishek Kumar

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 02, Jan 2024, 16:12 pm IST | UPDATED: 02, Jan 2024, 16:12 pm IST

Neil Comes In Support Of Abhishek Kumar

New Delhi: In a recent turn of events within the Bigg Boss 17 house, actor and contestant Neil Bhatt has come forward to support his co-contestant, Abhishek Kumar, who is currently facing emotional turmoil due to the incessant provocations from fellow contestants Isha Malviya and her current boyfriend Samarth Jurel.

Neil Bhatt, known for his roles in the television industry, expressed his concern over the questionable behavior directed towards Abhishek. Speaking out against Isha's actions, Neil stated, "What contestants are doing against Abhishek is questionable. Isha is harping on Abhishek's mental peace while fighting with him. That's not right.

Highlighting the manipulative tactics employed by Isha and Samarth, Neil emphasized how they are exploiting Abhishek's emotions. He shed light on Abhishek's challenging journey, particularly after his breakup with Isha. Neil revealed, "Whenever Isha would pick fights with Abhishek, she'd come out and do certain hand gestures that pointed towards their past and provoked Abhishek."

Despite the constant provocation and instigation, Neil painted Abhishek in a positive light, showcasing his resilience and strength within the Bigg Boss house. Abhishek's ability to shine amidst adversity became evident, portraying him as a contestant who remains undeterred despite the challenges posed by Isha and Samarth. 

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