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India Saw Many Game-Changer Reforms In Last 5 Years, Says PM Modi

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 10, Feb 2024, 18:04 pm IST | UPDATED: 10, Feb 2024, 18:04 pm IST

India Saw Many Game-Changer Reforms In Last 5 Years, Says PM Modi Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that the past five years of BJP-led government were about "reform, perform and transform" in the country and it is rare that transformation due to these measures can also be experienced in the same period. Addressing the 17 Lok Sabha on the last day of its last session, PM Modi greeted the members and lauded the role of Speaker Om Birla in running the House. 

These five years were about reform, perform and transform in the country. It is very rare that both reform and perform take place and we can see transformation right in front of our eyes...The country is experiencing this through the 17th Lok Sabha and I firmly believe that the country will continue to bless the 17th Lok Sabha: PM 

I thank you all as a Leader of the House and as a colleague. I thank you, the Speaker. You’ve always worn a smile on your face. You’ve dealt with every situation with patience and independence: PM

Over the last five years, humanity has dealt with the biggest challenge of the century and the situation was such that even coming to the House was a challenge: PM. 

-Speaker Sir, you ensured all measures were taken… and the work of the country never stopped: PM Modi 

-I want to thank members that during that challenging time, you decided to donate 30% of your salary to help the country. The members used to draw flak about the rates at your canteen. And then we decided to go for the same rates. And you never protested. I want to thank you all for that, says PM Modi.

-Everyone said that we needed a new building. Everyone wanted it but there was never a decision on it. We decided on it and owing to that we are sitting in the new Parliament today: PM Modi

-India got the presidency of G20. Every state demonstrated the strength of the country and the identity of the state in front of the world. And, under your leadership, P20 took place, says PM Modi

-You organised essay and oratory competitions about the biggest personalities. You took a major step to connect the students with the House proceedings. You opened the Parliament Library to common citizens. This is a big service and I want to thank you for that: PM 

-Your skill and the members' awareness led to nearly 90% productivity of the 17th Lok Sabha. But we should pledge that our productivity should be more than 100 per cent. In the first session, both Houses passed 30 bills. The whole country celebrated its 75th year of Independence and the members have a big role to play in it: PM Modi

-In the first sitting of the 17th Lok Sabha, 30 bills were passed in both Houses of Parliament. This was a record in itself. The 17th Lok Sabha had 97 per cent productivity and the percentage was over 100 per cent in seven sessions: PM

-Many reforms, that were game-changers, happened during this year. The country is moving towards a change. Works that many generations were waiting for happened in this Lok Sabha: PM

-Many generations dreamed of one Constitution but this house scrapped Article 370. People who had a role in creating the Constitution must be blessing us today.  The people of Kashmir were distant from social justice. Today, we took it to them. We made tough laws to fight terrorism. The new House witnessed a big reform - Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam: PM Modi

-Speaking on Triple Talaq, the PM says, ''The court ordered in favour of the Muslim women but they couldn't enjoy the benefit of it. This Lok Sabha helped end the injustice of generations.

The whole world is talking about data. By bringing the data protection bill, we have secured the whole generation. It's a tool for our youth. There are also guidelines in it on how to use data, says PM Modi

-We removed over 60 unnecessary laws. This was necessary to facilitate ease of business. Some laws meant that jails should be filled at all times. We trusted our citizens and this Lok Sabha worked towards that. Through the Jan Vishwas Act, we decriminalized several laws. We worked to solve disputes outside court: PM Modi

-We worked towards minimum government and maximum governance, PM Modi says

The budget session of Parliament began with the address by President Droupadi Murmu to the joint sitting of the two Houses on January 31. It is scheduled to conclude today. This is the last session of the 17th Lok Sabha before the general elections expected in April-May this year. The discussion on Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha in Ayodhya saw a lot of MPs expressing their views in the Lok Sabha on the last day of the Budget Session of Parliament. BJP MP Satya Pal Singh initiated the discussion and said that Lord Ram belongs to everyone and not Hindus alone. He also said the construction of the temple was "historic". "I am fortunate to get the opportunity to speak about the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya and the Pran Pratishtha of Lord Ram on January 22 inside the Parliament," Singh said in Lok Sabha.

Addressing the Lower House earlier, Union Home Minister Amit Shah stated that January 22, the day of the Ram Mandir's opening, marked the "beginning of Bharat’s new era".  He highlighted that the event ended 300 years of waiting for millions of devotees. 

Meanwhile, the Rajya Sabha discussed the White Paper brought by the central government on the alleged financial mismanagement of the UPA government.