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Massive Support for Umakanta Jena in Bhandari Pokhari

By fnf correspondent | PUBLISHED: 31, Mar 2024, 19:20 pm IST | UPDATED: 31, Mar 2024, 19:20 pm IST

Massive Support for Umakanta Jena in Bhandari Pokhari
New Delhi: Overwhelming Support pouring in favour of the candidature of renowned Informatics Scientist and noted Lawyer Umakanta Jena in Bhandari Pokhari constituency. A native of Solampur village, Shri Jena is now a front runner to contest in the ensuing Odisha Legislative Assembly election from his home turf. The positive factors like being a fresher in politics having clean image and a son of the soil, who has achieved highest excellence in IT sector at National Level are going heavily in Shri Jena's favour. Accomplishing triple post graduate degrees with flying colours though coming from a lower middle class farmer family, has also been speaking volumes about Shri Jena’s Scholastic brilliance. Because of his humble rural background, Umakanta is well aware about the problems of the area at ground zero level. Shri Jena's father late Harekrushna Jena was a well known Homeopathic physician and had earned name and fame in the locality for providing personalised health care and door to door medical services in around twenty villages. Banking on his Father's tremendous goodwill and huge popularity, Umakanta is now all set to try his luck in electoral politics.                                                                                                                                                                                       Educated in Maninathpur High school, N.C. College and Vani Vihar, Umakanta has been a meritorious student throughout his educational career. Himself being a victim of poor education system, Shri Jena is determined to upgrade the academic facilities in Bhandari Pokhari to world class level. Shri Jena has already chalked out his agenda for the overall development of people of Bhandari Pokhari. Speaking to Media, Shri Jena has disclosed about the massive and revolutionary actions he is going to initiate as a public representative. These include establishment of Central Schools, Navodaya Vidyalayas, Adarsh Vidyalayas and other specialised schools having skill and professional education system, long term planning to prevent flood devastation, canals to be built to facilitate irrigation system, concrete all weather roads to be provided to each village and every habitat, small and medium industries to be built to provide jobs to local unemployed youths, developing awareness among villagers about chicken, fish, goat and cow farming, supplying electricity and drinking water to all households, ensuring increase in the income of farmers by providing them modern farming equipments and establishment of a cold storage in the area. Away from these adequate steps would be taken to develop Solampur Buddist monument, Baldev jiu temple in Manjuri, Historic Kranti Maidan and Harekrushna Mahtab memorial into tourist attractions, he added.
As per the latest analysis of Pollsters, Umakanta Jena's prospect of getting elected and entering into State Assembly has been becoming brighter in every passing day.
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