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Prabodha Samantara is Voters' Favourite in Balikuda: Erasama Seat

By Fnf correspondent | PUBLISHED: 01, Apr 2024, 18:27 pm IST | UPDATED: 01, Apr 2024, 18:28 pm IST

Prabodha Samantara is Voters' Favourite in Balikuda: Erasama Seat
New Delhi: Youth leader Prabodha Samantara is fast emerging as a hot favourite of voters in Balikuda Erasama Assembly constituency. Chances are very fair for Shri Samantara to get ruling Biju Janata Dal's ticket to contest in this seat. Popularly known as Bunu, Shri Samantara has been receiving overwhelming support for his candidature from youths, women, educated, farmers and poor people of the area. Particularly, Bunu's clean image, agile personality, gentle behaviour, affable appearance, soft spoken approach, laborious attitude, broad mentality, helpful nature, human feeling and over and above pro poor principles have been widely appreciated by one and all. 
Speaking to Media, Shri Samantara informed that he has already chalked out his planning and programmes for the all round development of Balikuda –Erasama constituency. These include solving of acute unemployment problem by establishing small and medium scale industries to absorb local youths. His other priorities would be the establishment of ideal and central schools having skill and professional education system, long term planning to prevent flood devastation, canals to be built to facilitate irrigation system, concrete all weather roads to be provided to each village and every habitat, developing awareness in the locality about chicken, fish, goat, cow and flower farming, supplying electricity and drinking water to all households, ensuring increase in the income of farmers by providing them modern farming equipments, creation of self help groups to economically empower women, establishment of a cold storage in the area and promotion of rural tourism. Shri Samantara declared that his doors will be opened 24x7 basis for the residents of Balikuda– Erasama. Emphasising that he is a man of action, Bunu announced that his works will speak for him.
Recently Prabodha launched his election campaign during the auspicious occasion of Dola Purnima after offering prayers at 200 year old temple of his family's presiding Diety Lord Basudev in his ancestral village Garam in Balikuda Block. Conveying his best wishes to Bunu for his maiden electoral venture, his elder brother and Bengaluru based Renowned Space Scientist Nihar Samantara exudes confidence that under the able and active stewardship of a progressive and advance looking youth leader like Prabodha, Balikuda-Erasama constituency will definitely attain the pinnacle of glory in progress and prosperity. Bunu's other elder brother and Deputy Chief of Nabard in Odisha Dr Samira Samantara said that being the proud member of Respected and illustrious Samantara family of Balikuda, Prabodha will surely play a pivotal role in the over all socio– economic upliftment of the area. Shri Samantara's followers claim that with the widespread sympathy wave in his favour and solid backing of lakhs of common masses of Balikuda- Erasama, the chances of their leader's victory has become a foregone conclusion.
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