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Congress On Modi's Claim To Host 2036 Olympics

By Fnf correspondent | PUBLISHED: 14, Apr 2024, 13:14 pm IST | UPDATED: 14, Apr 2024, 13:14 pm IST

Congress On Modi's Claim To Host 2036 Olympics New Delhi: The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) on Sunday released its manifesto for the Lok Sabha Elections at an event in the party's Delhi headquarters. Dubbed 'Sankalp Patra,' the manifesto focuses on the upliftment of women, youth, farmers and the poor. While the BJP pronounced the manifesto as revolutionary, the opposition has begun criticising the manifesto's ambitious objectives.  

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge commented on the BJP releasing its election manifesto, stating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had previously promised to double farmers' income and provide a legal guarantee for increasing the Minimum Support Price (MSP).  

Kharge while talking to the media expressed skepticism, "This is the guarantee. He didn't do any big work in his tenure that would benefit all the people of the country. The youth are looking for jobs. Inflation is rising. He is not worried about any of those...." He further concluded that the manifesto lacks credibility, suggesting that it demonstrates Modi's lack of substantive solutions for the populace.  

When questioned about BJP's 'Mission 50 in South India', Karnataka Home Minister and Congress leader, G Parameshwara responded, stating that they have a nationwide mission to counter the BJP.  

Congress leader Pawan Khera accused the BJP of shifting goalposts. "They (BJP) have written in the manifesto that they'll host the 2036 Olympics, where you'll be, will you be there in the govt? You should give the account of 5 years... They lie with so much clarity but now that they have lied so much that no one trusts them.

At a press conference, Delhi Minister and AAP leader Atishi commented on the BJP's manifesto, highlighting concerns about unemployment among youth and the significant increases in the prices of LPG cylinders and diesel. She noted the financial strain faced by every household and expressed disbelief towards the BJP's manifesto, referring to it as the 'Jumla Patra', suggesting that it would fail to garner trust from the public.

RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav said that, BJP manifesto lacks any mention of jobs, employment, inflation reduction, or addressing issues like unemployment and poverty. It fails to address the concerns of 60% of the country's youth, 80% of farmers, and over 6.4 lakh villages. Moreover, it overlooks the development of backward and poor states, as well as the states with the highest representation in the Lok Sabha.  

In their manifesto they have completely forgotten about jobs, employment, youth, farmers, young men and villages. 

Farmer leader Sarwan Singh Pandher shared his take on the BJP manifesto with the news agency PTI, "After four rounds of discussions with the Centre concerning the ongoing farmers' protest, they expressed commitments to address longstanding issues. However, the BJP's 'Sankalp Patra' lacks any new provisions regarding essential matters such as enacting MSP laws, setting crop prices based on C2-50, and alleviating farmers' debts," he added.

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