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UP Mein Izzat Bachana Mushkil Ho Gaya: PM Modi

By Fnf correspondent | PUBLISHED: 15, Apr 2024, 17:00 pm IST | UPDATED: 15, Apr 2024, 17:01 pm IST

UP Mein Izzat Bachana Mushkil Ho Gaya: PM Modi New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday while addressing a poll rally in Palakkad, Kerala launched a scathing attack on the Congress party. He accused Congress leader Rahul Gandhi of abandoning his family seat in Uttar Pradesh and shifting base to Kerala. The PM alleged that the Congress party has entered into a clandestine agreement with the political wing of an organization banned in the country for its anti-national activities. Terming Gandhi as 'Congress' crown prince', PM further criticized him for seeking votes from the people of Kerala without addressing their issues.

He warned the people to beware of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the United Democratic Front (UDF). He pointed out the hypocrisy of the Congress party, which labels the Left as ‘terrorists’ in Kerala but collaborates with them in Delhi.

PM Modi expressed concern over the deteriorating condition of Kerala under the LDF-UDF rule. He accused the state government of obstructing the development initiatives of the NDA government, including the projects of National Highways. He criticized the Left parties for their lack of direction, stating, “Whether they are in Tripura, West Bengal, or Kerala, the Left parties have only one character- Nothing Left and Nothing Right.”

On the occasion of New Year Vishu, the BJP released its manifesto- Sankalp Patra. The PM assured that the Sankalp Patra is a commitment to the development of the country and comes with Modi’s guarantee. He highlighted that under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, more than 73 lakh beneficiaries of Kerala have received financial help. He announced that all senior citizens above the age of 70 years would be given free treatment under the Ayushman Bharat scheme.

The PM also shared the BJP’s vision of ‘Vikas’ and ‘Viraasat’ for the next five years. He expressed his admiration for the natural beauty of Palakkad, also known as the gateway of Kerala. He promised to work towards making Kerala a global heritage and connecting it with a network of Highways, Expressways, and high-speed Vande Bharat trains.

PM spoke about the ongoing work of the Bullet Train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai in Western India. He announced that a survey for the Bullet Train would be initiated in three regions of North, South, and East India.

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