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240 and a hung parliament, the next Prime Minister is.....! Astrologer Acharya Salil predictions

By Priti Prakash | PUBLISHED: 14, May 2024, 20:44 pm IST | UPDATED: 14, May 2024, 20:51 pm IST

240 and a hung parliament, the next Prime Minister is.....! Astrologer Acharya Salil predictions

New Delhi:
Each passing day in the 7 phase election is changing perceptions and calculations. These are times when all bets are off and every maths is done to peep into the future. Pandits have their own charts to read as per the stars of not just leaders but political parties, even India, the country’s horoscope too.

I talked to a well known astrologer Acharya Salil who has been predicting earlier elections of 2004, 2014 & 2019 pretty accurately.  He predicted coming of Manmohan Singh for 10 years rightly. He also predicted Modi in 2014. In 2019 he predicted BJP getting 300. This time too he has some startling and interesting predictions to make about election results on June 4.

As per Acharya Salil it will be a hung parliament in 2024. He says NDA will not get more than 240 seats max, stretching to the best of limits. Salil says if we suppose max 240 seats, and so a hung parliament, Modi will be out. His chart reads the end of Modi’s rajyog. In the above case he says, NDA will require 30-35 MPs support. According to him no opposition MP will come to them. In that scenario NDA will split, he says. ‘INDIA alliance will form government like Bajpai did and there are bright chances of Rahul Gandhi being Prime Minister.’

‘If NDA is able to pull in numbers, they will try to throw Gadkari out. Others won’t let Amit Shah be the PM. Yogi won’t be accepted by anyone. So my calculations are that they will push for former President Ram Nath Kovind, so his stars say.  Advantage Kovind being he is SC, Dalit, educated. And as the NDA will want to form government, MPs will be sold going by how much can which party offer. The main target will be to remove Modi,’ says Acharya Salil.

Giving out state wise number of seats BJP will get, he rattles out numbers studying the chart. ‘Kerala will get zero, Tamil Nadu zero. Karnataka zero (plus minus 1 or 2). Entire south is out. Andhra Pradesh, Telangana let us grant 10 seats. Maharashtra will get max 5 seats. Odisha 6 seats. (193). Bihar 5 seats, Jharkhand 5. Bengal, last time I gave 18, this time I will give 8 seats. North East 10 seats including all 6 states.  So I give 10 out of 25 seats of Northeast. J&K 1 seat, 0 in Himachal, (max granting 2), Punjab 0, Haryana 0, Delhi out of 7 seats (last time predicted all 7 seats), this time  I predict 0. In MP out of 29 seats BJP will get 24. 5 seats will go to Congress. My full survey of UP (45 seats max, bonus 50), last time I predicted all 80, West Bengal Mamta Banerjee will get 25 seats. So finally I give them 200, even if reversing anywhere between 180-200.

For Congress he predicts in Chattisgarh it will get 2 seats, in MP 4-5 seats, in Rajasthan 4-5 seats, & in Gujarat 2 seats to Congress.

The other theory by psephologists say NDA can be expected to get anywhere between 180 to 240. In that case if Modi is again sworn as Prime Minsiter there will be revolt in the BJP too. It will be an unstable govt which may last 6 months. After which in case of a no confidence motion which might not come through the 2 Gujaratis' will pack their bags to go back.    

How much have predictions been right or wrong is all for the reader to decide. Whatever the side the wind blows politics is the game of uncertainties when timing and strategy plays as much role as destiny.
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