Wednesday, Jul 17th 2024
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Titu To Break His Marriage With Dimpy

By Fnf correspondent | PUBLISHED: 02, Jul 2024, 15:21 pm IST | UPDATED: 02, Jul 2024, 15:21 pm IST

Titu To Break His Marriage With Dimpy New Delhi: In today’s episode of Rupali Ganguly-starrer show, Vanraj Shah will be seen exposing Titu’s hidden truth about his mom. Titu’s mom is seen entering the Shah house amid his marriage with Dimpy and is shocked to see her son getting married without informing her. In the upcoming twist, Titu’s mom has a massive breakdown as Titu fails to recognise her, but later when his mom cries and says she is no one’s mother, Titu rushes to his mom and breaks the tie with Dimpy which leaves her shocked and how. Titu reveals the truth that the lady who entered Shah house is his real mom, Anupamaa and the entire family is in deep shock seeing this massive revelation made by Titu.

Vanraj Shah calls Titu a criminal and leaves the Shah family in huge shock.

Vanraj becomes successful in his plan and strongly accuses Titu of not being the right man and insists that he has been advocating the same since the beginning. Vanraj further exposes Titu’s past and calls him a criminal. While Titu doesn’t have anything to say in his defence and breaks his marriage with Dimpy and walks out of the Shah house.

In the upcoming twist, fans will also witness Aadhya having a massive breakdown seeing Anu and her pops getting close. She questions her pops about why she should always suffer and gives him an ultimatum over choosing between her and Anu. Anuj is unable to stay away from Anu and wants their daughter to understand his emotional dilemma.
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