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For an active and healthy life, smile please: Muskan Mail 316

By Manoj Pathak | PUBLISHED: 22, Jul 2017, 7:13 am IST | UPDATED: 21, Jul 2017, 18:43 pm IST

For an active and healthy life, smile please: Muskan Mail 316 New Delhi: Dear all, here in this series we are presenting daily discourse on Yoga and life style tips  in our audio clips so that you might bloom a perfect cheese smile round the clock in your active life.

Muskan mail resume with it's daily smile dose. Lets enjoy Monsoon showers and bloom cheese smile.

Presenter of these audio clips is a Yoga practitioner since childhood. He is continuously working upon the mysteries of life and successfully achieved techniques to stay healthy and keep smiling in all weather.

Meet Manoj Pathak who adopted yoga with a daily ritual on auspicious occasion of Sharavni Poornima in 2007 and after one year practice sharing his experience with one and all.

From 15 April 2016 on the auspicious occasion of Janaki Navami, the birth day of Goddes Sita, wife of Lord Rama he started daily discourse in Hindi language on public demand.

These audio clips were recorded on whatsapp platform and circulated to limited groups. AIG an Intiative Group Founder Dr Gyan Sing Gaudpal has requested Mr Pathak to speak daily for the benefits of his group's member.

An Intiative group is a family of approx two hundred people residing in differnt parts of world, who want to make a change in their life and serve community life in better way. Dr Gyan Singh Gaudpal is a professional dental surgeon, and in this group , there are more than 25 doctors apart from other professionals.

Discourse of Manoj Pathak is being broadcast as Muskan mail and now it is coming to you through our website so that any person might listen to any episode and get benefitted.

Now it is being recorded seperately in English language so that Non Hindi speaking / knowing people also might listen to it. But This episode is mixed with Hindi.

54 year old this broadcaster, Manoj Pathak has worked for different Radio and television channels since last 30 years in India.

Now this episode of Muskan Yoga  is in your hands and you are free to judge the authencity of his advice by listenint to audio clips and to choose your own path to bloom a perfect cheese smile.

Keep smile is our message, so start smiling right now.

Good morning

Muskan Yoga

Good luck

Say cheese and pass on a cute smile to us, this is the fee of Muskan Yoga, nothing else !

Muskan Mail Audio 316

Smile please !



Time is limited...

But smile unlimited..........