Saturday, Sep 30th 2023
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05, Jan 2023, by : Priti Prakash

A case of harassment, inefficiency & unethical practices against Vietnam's private carrier Vietjet was registered by a Indian Armed Forces veteran who recently traveled from New Delhi to Bali, Indonesia via Ho Chi Minh for a year end holiday sojourn.Read News

30, Nov 2022, by : Priti Prakash

In the run up to India assuming the G20 Presidency on 1 December 2022, a briefing for the Resident Heads of Missions of the G20 member countries, invited guest countries and International Organizations was organized at Swaraj Dweep, Andaman & Nicobar Islands on 26 November 2022.Read News

15, Oct 2022, by : Priti Prakash

To highlight the need, importance & way forward for Defence and Security Studies in academic institutions across the country in this dynamic geopolitical scenario, a seminar was held in the national capital that brought together Defence experts, Industry honchos, Academics & Policy makers. Read News

16, Sep 2022, by : Priti Prakash

Congratulating Uzbekistan President Mirziyoyev for SCO's effective leadership in this year's challenging global and regional environment, Prime Minister Modi in his speech said, 'Today, when the whole world is facing the challenges of economic recovery after the pandemic, the role of SCO becomes very important.'Read News

06, Mar 2022, by : FnF Correspondent

On the occasion of the release of the 100th edition of Balaknama, a newspaper for and by street-connected children, at the Press Club of India, 32 children represented the voice of 12000 street-connected children. Vijay, a former street child and former editor of Balaknama shared the journey of Balaknama.Read News

08, Jan 2022, by : Priti Prakash

Haryana is as much famous for giving our country Olympic medal winners, world class atheletes, wrestlers and sportspersons, their boys to the armed forces, glittering hi tech mega city Gurugram, earlier called Gurgaon as much as for skewed sex ration, Khap panchayats and bride scarcity. Read News

30, Nov 2021, by : Priti

The Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to India Dr Ahmed Albanna addressed a virtual interaction recently on Gender Equality and Women's Economic Empowerment with a group of women facilitated by Sanchita Mitra, National Coordinator for SEWA Bharat.Read News

12, Jul 2021, by : FnF Correspondent

Union government again, Mufti said that inflation and unemployment are rising amid a lack of policies. Comparing Gujarat and Jammu and Kashmir, she said that if the onslaught over the economy continuesRead News

03, Mar 2021, by : Priti Prakash

These are the times when a Rajdeep Sardesai or a Mrinal Pandey is slapped with sedition charges. When young girls like Disha Ravi are arrested on unproved allegations. When a Mundeep Punia, is rounded up for reporting reality from ground zero. Stand up comic artists (Munawar Faruqui) are jailed for what was not even said. Is it intolerance or setting the nation straight! Time to keep our fingers crossed. Read News

11, Aug 2020, by : FnF Correspondent

The Supreme Court on Tuesday will hear Rhea Chakraborty's petition in Sushant Singh Rajput death case. The decision by the apex court will be crucial as it will clear the road ahead for the investigation to take place. Whether the Central Bureau of Investigation will continue its probe or will Mumbai Police retain the investigation rights, will be decided today. Read News

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