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India lacks political will to fight terrorism & corruption

By Sqd Ldr Surya Mohan Dubey | PUBLISHED: 10, Sep 2011, 16:11 pm IST | UPDATED: 10, Sep 2011, 16:41 pm IST

India lacks political will to fight terrorism & corruption

Continuous deadly events happening every now and then prove that Indian Government has utterly failed in tackling even mundane problems of grass root levels on almost all fronts including corruptions and terrorism in particular being biggest threats. The security agencies have a set exercise to deal with such events but the end results never remain encouraging and have never been able to check such heinous crimes taking place. 
In this instance case of Delhi High Court's explosion,  the  dedicated security agencies did not take adequate defensive steps despite there being very clear intelligence reports of  terrorist attacks by foreign bodies having  entered India's borders.  What does this indicate? Does it indicate that India is not capable of handling such terrorist attacks or does it indicate that we are vigilant, let us see how does it happen or waiting just for "after action exercise" as usual.
Often same exercise gets repeated once such attack actually takes place. Same way,  every time after such attacks responsible agencies start activating,  PM, Home Minister and others merely condemn the attacks naming them as coward acts and promise that those responsible would not be let off and words to that effect, followed by media and others repeating the set exercise on electronic  and print media and announcements of some reliefs to victims families.
That's the usual end of story and same thing happened again in this case too. Today, Culprits, if at all  caught, get bailed out on one or other pretext. Kasab and Afzal Guru are living example. Many tactics are on move to take their cause. It has never been in our history that even a single capital punishment against such criminals, is executed openly to prove as deterrents. This may be considered now at least till that time we find some relief.
US has set a daring example of dealing with such culprit even by penetrating  into foreign territory to nab the most dreaded terrorists of the world and has proven its ability before the world that same end would be meted out in future who dare to conduct terrorist attack on their soil.  India  too may  like or it would be more fair to say that India should now  consider such daring steps to firmly deal with these two alarming challenges. For this an unshakable unity and political will is must.
The time has come when country has to emerge with a determined will to fight these challenges. India is capable, has potential and knows whose hands are behind such ill objectives. In recent pasts, India has witnessed eye opening events. Mass movements by Baba Ramdev and by Annaji against corruptions show that its citizens are fed-up and are ready to unite and co-operate, provided government shows that WILL.. Entire world has also watched and made mockery of Indian governance and its  bargaining tactics taking place between protesters and ruling giants.

Today's real status of culprits is that even in jail they are enjoying all comforts including  relishing spicy foods and other advanced amenities while aam admi is passing his days on footpaths that too with empty stomachs. What a justified governance is this?  Who else is to be blamed for this.Even the relatives and dependents of Delhi victims are struggling hard to get the dead bodies to perform their last rites. Without bribes, nothing moves.

No words would suffice to depict the pathetic treatments meted out to aam aadmi even after such fatal episodes.  Cheap politics, incompetency of government or wrong policies are not isolatedly blameworthy. We the people of India, each and every individual is proportionately blameworthy for having accepting these situations or allowing government to accept it. By now, every one knows, who is blameworthy and what course of actions are necessary to be taken now.

It is still not too late. Let us gather the courage of POLITICAL WILL to fight these challenges otherwise, the biggest enemies of today may endanger our sovereignty sooner or later.