Monday, May 20th 2019
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07, Dec 2018, by : DESK FnF

She's going to need to be completely supported by blood donations in order to survive the cancer treatment in order to kill this cancer," Bright said. "The blood's not going to cure her, but the blood's very, very important to support her while she undergoes the treatment for this particular cancer."Read News

10, Nov 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

The researchers say they do not know why these factors are sex-specific, and no firm conclusions can be drawn about cause and effect, but they do have some theories.Women who smoked were three times more likely to have a heart attack than women who did not smoke Read News

04, Nov 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Ohio auditor candidate Zack Space has returned home in the waning days of the campaign to be with his mother, whose health is failing. Space, a former congressman, was scheduled to visit Cleveland on Saturday with other Democrats running statewide to appear with former Vice President Joe Biden.Read News

27, Oct 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Now a new study finds there may be a biomarker that might pinpoint the right treatment.Share on Pinterest Lena Dunham has written about the difficulty of treating her endometriosis on social media. Getty Images Endometriosis can be so painful for many women that they undergo surgery, including hysterectomy (removal of uterus) or oophorectomy (removal of ovary) in search of relief. Read News

26, Oct 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Only 37 percent of Americans got vaccinated against flu last season, just as one of the deadliest flu season in decades hit, health officials reported ThursdayRead News

15, Sep 2018, by : FnF Desk

Under the new guidelines, high blood pressure is defined as 130/80 mm Hg, down from 140/90. A reading of 120–129 systolic, a previously healthy range, is now considered elevated.Read News

26, Aug 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu has said that doctors must be trained to be more sensitive to the sufferings of patients. He was addressing the first convocation of All India Institutes of Medical Sciences, in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Read News

17, Aug 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Sound Healing with Singing Bowl & Gong Bells has been emerging as one of the most powerful & potent healing science of modern times to treat almost any form of medical disorders, to alter consciousness & spiritual enlightenment. Read News

07, Jun 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

Google doodle honours 109th birthday of American anesthesiologist Dr Virginia Apgar. Now don't be surprised if you have not heard about her. But her creation may have played a special role after your birth.Read News

04, May 2018, by : FnF Correspondent

President Ram Nath Kovind, inaugurated the centenary celebrations of the Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore. Speaking on the occasion, the President said that public health is a global public good and a basic human right. Read News

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