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Ola Jordan posing naked for sexy calendar shots

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 03, Oct 2011, 12:45 pm IST | UPDATED: 03, Oct 2011, 12:45 pm IST

Ola Jordan posing naked for sexy calendar shots London: She said recently that she was 'not that confident' when it comes to showing off her figure.

But Strictly Come Dancing professional Ola Jordan looks anything but shy in these sexy shots taken from her 2012 calendar.

The 28-year-old beauty dons a variety of skimpy outfits as she shows off her stunning body for the publication, which is sure to be a bestseller in the new year.

In one arty black and white shot, Ola is seen posing naked with just a sheet to conceal her modesty, as she glances sexily over her shoulder the Daily Mail reported.

In another, the stunning blonde, who is partnered with former professional footballer Robbie Savage in this year's series of the BBC TV talent show, pushes her hair away from her face as she dons a sheer black leotard.

Ola is also seen embracing the Strictly glitz and glamour in a third photograph by wearing a tiny pair of silver sequinned hotpants with a skimpy black halterneck top.

In a recent interview, Ola said she finds it hard to accept her figure, and admitted there are lots of things she would like to change about her body.
The images all appear in Ola's official 2012 calendar

The images all appear in Ola's official 2012 calendar

Ola, who fluctuates between a size six and an eight, said: 'I’m actually quite shy and not that confident in my body.

'There are a lot of things I’d love to change, especially my skin which gets lots of horrible spots. And my feet, which are ugly dancer’s feet with bunions.

'As a dancer you’re always surrounded by skinny girls so you always look at your body and want it to be better.

'I wish there was a magic pill to keep you trim but it’s all down to what you eat and drink and how much you exercise and, unfortunately, I love my food.'

Ola also said her 'fat days' are made more difficult to cope with when she is surrounded by the rest of the stunning professional dancers on Strictly.

She said: 'Like anyone, I have fat days like when my dress doesn't fit or it's too tight. None of us get depressed about it. Every girl on the show eats proper meals. We don't starve ourselves.'

One person who doesn't have any issues with Ola's figure is her Strictly partner Savage, who admitted recently that he never knows where to hold his Polish-born dancing partner.

He said: 'It's very hard knowing where to put my hands. I find that very hard. I have to really think about it before I touch her. I can't get into the routine because it's weird.'