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Jemma Pixie Hixon's sexy 2012 pics

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 15, Dec 2011, 19:03 pm IST | UPDATED: 15, Dec 2011, 19:03 pm IST

Jemma Pixie Hixon's sexy 2012 pics London: Agrophobic singer Jemma Pixie Hixon poses for photos in her 2012 calendar — from the safety of her bedroom.

Despite having model looks and thousands of YouTube followers, Jemma has not left her home for three years because of her fear of public places,the Sun.co.uk reported.

However, that didn't stop her snapping herself in a range of sexy outfits and getting an expert to add the backdrops.

Jemma, 20, of Malvern, Worcs, said: "Strangers in my home cause me anxiety so I couldn't have a photographer."

According to BBC's earlier report Singer Jemma Pixie Hixon, 20, is an internet singing sensation but because she suffers from agoraphobia she cannot leave her home.

Psychologist Jennifer Wild has been working with her on a treatment programme to help her conquer her fears.

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