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Rashmi Singh and Dr Jaya S Tyagi get Stree Shakti award

By Madhavi Shree | PUBLISHED: 03, Dec 2013, 18:01 pm IST | UPDATED: 03, Dec 2013, 18:28 pm IST

Rashmi Singh and Dr Jaya S Tyagi get Stree Shakti award New Delhi: Recently in a function held in the presence of Kumari Selja, Honable Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment at her residence here in delhi two women Rashmi Singh and Dr Jaya S Tyagi has been awarded for their contribution in their respective working field.

Rashmi Singh is a public servant got this award for her contribution in human services, governance reform and women empowerment. Rashmi donated her all award money to economically backward young girls who are facing challenges in continuing their education. She said she is very satisfied after doing this.
Dr Jaya S Tyagi, professor, AIIMS got this award for her original contribution to TB research in the area of bacterial two- component system. Highly regarded in her field Dr Jaya 's research paper are widely published and she has several prestigious award to her credit. On the occasion of receiving award she said that women usually work for the sake of work, awards are  bonus in the process.

 Kumari Selja, Honable Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment  congratulated both the winners . At the end without naming Tarun Tejpal case she said that the amount of support this victim girl is suppose to get, is not getting, and that is the reason men say that women are the biggest enemy of women.

Rekha Modi, president of Stree Shakti -The Parallel Force, said that this award is constituted for the women, by the women and of the women since 1988.  Rekha Modi said that our mothers are the biggest force behind our developments.
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