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Bajrang Dal Members Burn Chinese Goods in Bengaluru Protest

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 02, Sep 2017, 8:10 am IST | UPDATED: 06, Sep 2017, 15:40 pm IST

Bajrang Dal Members Burn Chinese Goods in Bengaluru Protest New Delhi: Udupi district unit of Bajrang Dal burnt varieties of Chinese products at the war memorial in Ajjarkadu in support of the Swadeshi Movement by boycotting the products from China.

The nationwide call for boycotting Chinese products was carried out to protest against China and its defence strategies targeting the Indian borders stretching across Sikkim.

Bajarang Dal district convener Sunil K R said that China is indirectly waging war by taking over the country’s economy through the products. China has been extending support to Pakistan in anti-Indian activities and is using intricate strategy to capture the Indian market by sending out all its low-quality products, he alleged.

China, which is fueling the terror activities on Indian soil along with Pakistan should be banned from the trade activities in India. He said the country should wake up at least now and reject Chinese products by hugging out the indigenous products.

Indians should realise that China is the enemy that is encroaching the country’s border through intrusion. If the country stops using the Chinese products, naturally the market for Chinese products in India will collapse. This will be a lesson to arrogant China, he felt. Why Indians should help the enemy towards its economic growth, he questioned and called Indians to embrace ethnic products.
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