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Sacred Sound Wellness Concert at New Delhi

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 17, Aug 2018, 22:08 pm IST | UPDATED: 20, Aug 2018, 10:43 am IST

Sacred Sound Wellness Concert at New Delhi New Delhi: Sound Healing with Singing Bowl & Gong Bells has been emerging as one of the most powerful & potent healing science of modern times to treat almost any form of medical disorders, to alter consciousness & spiritual enlightenment.

Academy of Sound Healing, founded by Master Satya Brat, is a non-profit organisation and one of the world’s leading Sound Healing Academy & Research Institute, offering Awareness Lectures, Sound Healing & Meditation Sessions, Training Workshops & Seminars, worldwide with Singing bowls and Gongs.

The deep and resonant frequencies of the Singing bowls and Gongs can help anyone float into a deep relaxed state by entraining the brain waves that the body's inner healing mechanism gets triggered. It relieves them of “Stress”, the root cause of all problems. The healing happens at physical, mental and emotional levels. Over time, it helps develop focus, thinking with clarity and intuition.

Many doctors worldwide from the mainstream medical communities have started working on programs that work on the body, mind & spirit and in even treatment of diseases like cancer.

Academy of Sound Healing has exclusively designed the “Sacred SOUND Wellness Concert”, one of the world’s most unique & life transforming cosmic SOUND journeys to create an awareness about the infinite healing potential of SOUND on our Body, Mind & Spirit.

It is the Academy’s endeavour to conduct Sound Wellness Concerts in all the major metros of India to create public awareness on the benefits of Sound Healing. The first ever Sound Wellness concert in India was held in Kolkata followed by concerts at Chennai and Mumbai. The next is going to be held at the “capital city” of New Delhi on, August 18th 2018 at the Sri Sathya Sai International Centre Auditorium. Padmashree Dr.R.K.Grover, Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Delhi State Cancer Institute & Mr.Manish Sisodia Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi are presiding over the event.

The unique features of the Sacred Sound Wellness concert are- it is musical, educational, healing and spiritual.It is highly recommended for corporate houses, students, health care professionals, deep meditation/yoga practitioners/spiritual seeker.

Apart from the tickets, FREE passes are being offered to cancer survivors as a gesture of good will by the Academy of Sound Healing. The concert will create an awareness about the immense healing potential of SOUND that can be applied in our day to day lives.
The proceeds of the concerts go for further research in Sound Healing and helping humanity lead healthier lives.