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Graduation Day of BARC Training School at IGCAR campus, OCES 2018

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 29, Jul 2019, 16:22 pm IST | UPDATED: 29, Jul 2019, 16:22 pm IST

Graduation Day of BARC Training School at IGCAR campus, OCES 2018 Delhi: Twenty three Trainee Scientific Officers of the 13th Batch (OCES-2018) from the BARC Training School at Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), Kalpakkam who had successfully completed their one year orientation-cum-training in the field of Nuclear Science and  Engineering graduated in five disciplines,(viz.) Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Nuclear Reactor Physics, Nuclear Fuel Cycle Chemistry and the newly introduced training programme in Fast Reactor Engineering. this event  took place on 29.07.2019 at IGCAR.

The ceremony began with a welcome note by Dr. B. Venkatraman, Director, Safety Quality and Resource Management Group (SQRMG) and Engineering Services Group. He highlighted how the Training School System has been successful towards making this indelible contribution towards nurturing quality human resources and holistically shaping the trainee scientific officers to the needs of the Department. 

Dr. Vidhya Sundararajan, Head, BARC Training School provided a brief overview about the details of the OCES programme being conducted at IGCAR successfully for the past 13 years.  

Dr. Arun Kumar Bhaduri, Distinguished Scientist and Director, IGCAR & General Service Organisation (GSO) delivered the Presidential address.  He indicated that sustained induction of qualified manpower into the Department, along with necessary orientation to take up the challenges, was the vision of Homi Jehangir Bhabha. The Trainee Scientific Officers inducted over the years have glorified the system with their unique abilities of problem solving.   He recorded his appreciation to all the graduates and to the Homi Bhabha toppers in the batch.  While wishing them all success, he emphasized that it is only hard work that can take them ahead and rather than focusing on R&D alone the orientation should be on RD&D (Research, Design and Development).

Shri. S.A.Bhardwaj, Former chairman Atomic Energy Regulatory board, Mumbai was the Chief Guest and distributed the prestigious Homi Bhabha Prizes' comprising of a medallion and certificates to the toppers and released the souvenir featuring the training school programme during the academic year 2018-19.   

Shri Bhardwaj mentioned that nuclear technology though complex, is  devoid of  green house gas emissions and with minimum waste generation. Hence, nuclear energy happens to be the best option for 24x7 for 365 power. Shri Bhardwaj indicated that one need not have apprehensions about ionizing radiations.  He highlighted that ionizing radiations area an essential and indispensable part of society today finding wide applications in medical and industrial fields.  He redefined the “four factor formula” for success by advising the graduates to build scientific and technical competency to excel in their work, with a “no-holds barred” approach and a multi-disciplinary mode of functioning. He advised the trainees to start collaborating and cooperating to achieve the goals rather than competing with others around them. He also added that the trainees need to feel free to express and to take their ideas ahead and this Department is open to accepting everyone’s views.   

The graduation ceremony ended with the vote of thanks by Dr. N. Madurai Meenachi, Head, OCES-Training Section. 
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