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The UAE Ambassador to India, Dr Albanna, honoured for his exemplary services

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 05, Dec 2019, 19:23 pm IST | UPDATED: 05, Dec 2019, 19:28 pm IST

The UAE Ambassador to India, Dr Albanna, honoured for his exemplary services New Delhi: The Indo-Middle East Cultural Forum, honoured UAE Ambassador to India Dr. Ahmed Albanna for his exemplary services rendered during his ongoing tenure to give a new height to UAE-India bilateral relationship.

The Ambassador Dr Albanna shared views about his stay in India so far, particularly to explore and understand various shades and strands of Indian society. The UAE envoy said that a better understanding about India is a stepping-stone in deepening and expanding mutual trust and ties between the people, government, business community of the two countries. He said that India’s secular structure and principles of co-existence further offers scope to expand our ties. 

In his welcome note, the president of the Indo-Middle East Cultural Forum, Mr. Tariq Durrani said that the UAE Ambassador was honoured for his exemplary role and efforts in consolidating the bilateral relationship between the UAE and India. He also emphasised on high level visits between the two sides during the tenure of the UAE Ambassador particularly visits from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the UAE thrice as well as visits of Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan who visited India twice.

Apart from Indian Parliamentarians and Ambassador of Bahrain and Arab League Mission in New Delhi, Diplomats from several other countries also graced the occasion. A galaxy of Religious figures from India’s major religions, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian, as well as academicians from renowned Universities in Delhi also participated into the ceremony.

His holiness Swami Omkaranand Sarswati ji Maharaj, the Shankracharya of Pryagpeeth accompanied by Christian pastor, Father Dr. M. D. Thomas, Founder Director of Institute of Harmony and Peace Studies, New Delhi, and other religious and social figures presented the memento of honour to the UAE Ambassador Dr. Ahmed Albanna.

Indian Craftsmen also presented special gifts to the Ambassador in a good will gesture from Indian artisans to the people of the UAE.

Earlier in his remarks, His holiness Swami Omkaranand Sarswati ji Maharaj, the Shankracharya of Pryagpeeth, appreciate the UAE’s efforts towards tolerance as a universal concept aimed at entrenching the values of tolerance, dialogue, coexistence and openness to different cultures. He also appreciated the gesture shown by the UAE Leaders in building a temple in the United Arab Emirates. Father Dr. MD Thomas and other religious figures representing their communities also spoke on the occasion.
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