Saturday, Oct 24th 2020
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Mental Health: Emerging Crisis of COVID Pandemic

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 11, May 2020, 19:41 pm IST | UPDATED: 11, May 2020, 19:44 pm IST

Mental Health: Emerging Crisis of COVID Pandemic Delhi: Americans are reporting high levels of emotional distrees from coronavirus pandemic levels that some expert s warn may lead to a national mental health crisis.our society is definitely in a collective state of trauma said Jonathan Proteus phd a licensed clinical psychologist who overseers the crisis and sucide hotline in Sacramento,CA.Unlike Posttraumatic Stress Disorder,Which Surfaces after a trauma has ended, the country is only starting to grapple with the pandemic psychological fallout he said.

we do see an emerging potential crisis said pareshan openen,PhD,a Professor of psychiatric epidemiology at Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health,during an online forum this week.According to a recent Kaiser family Foundation poll,more than half of Americans 56%  reported that worry or stress related to the outbreak has led to at least one negative mental health effect.those include trouble with eating or sleeping,drinking alcohol.
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