Monday, Apr 19th 2021
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Indian Medical Association Urges PM Modi To Open Covid-19 Vaccination For All

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 06, Apr 2021, 20:15 pm IST | UPDATED: 06, Apr 2021, 20:15 pm IST

Indian Medical Association Urges PM Modi To Open Covid-19 Vaccination For All

Expressing grave concern over the unprecedented surge in Covid-19 cases across the country, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has suggested Prime Minister Narendra Modi gear up the vaccination strategy with “immediate effect and on war footing” and urged him to begin the vaccination for all people above 18 years of age.

Pointing out the country is at present “vaccinating the population above 45 years”, the IMA said: “In view of the rapid spread of the second wave of the disease, we suggest that our vaccination strategy be geared up with immediate effect and on a war footing.”

“We request following suggestions in the Covid-19 vaccination drive - all citizens above 18 years of age shall be permitted to receive Covid vaccination and walk-in Covid vaccination should be available for all, free of cost at their nearest possible place,” the IMA added in its letter to Prime Minister Modi, PTI reported.

Proposing that private sector family clinics should be included actively in the vaccination drive along with private hospitals, the IMA also suggested that vaccination certificate be made mandatory for entering public places and to receive products under the public distribution system.

“Vaccination against Covid-19 stands as a single evidence-based resource for us to restrict cases by raising the personal immune response and pave the way for herd immunity to decrease the severity of the disease,” the IMA said, adding the availability of vaccination with all doctors and family physicians will have a positive impact on the inoculation drive.

Suggesting the constitution of district-level vaccine task force teams with public and private participation to enforce mass vaccination and to monitor and mitigate adverse drug events, the IMA assured “proactive support of its entire manpower and infrastructure facilities for rapid vaccination and stands with the government during this hour of crisis”.

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