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INDRADHANUSH 2021: The 18th annual event organized on virtual mode

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 22, Jun 2021, 12:27 pm IST | UPDATED: 03, Jul 2021, 12:52 pm IST

INDRADHANUSH 2021: The 18th annual event organized on virtual mode New Delhi: Association for Learning Performing Arts & Normative Action (A.L.P.A.N.A.) organised INDRADHANUSH 2021, the 18th annual event on virtual mode on 15th June 2021.

A.L.P.A.N.A. was launched in 2003 as a registered Society in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. During eighteen years, A.L.P.A.N.A. has made significant contribution to its espoused cause of spreading awareness among today’s youth about the rich cultural heritage of India, especially Odissi Dance, Vocal and Instrumental Music.

Every year A.L.P.A.N.A. organises INDRADHANUSH, a unique platform where both challenged (Divyang) as well as non-challenged students perform together on the same stage.
As the world continues diligently to fight against COVID-19, A.L.P.A.N.A. and it’s Special Divyang artists and some other very talented disciples wish to offer, in a humble way, a small respite from all the fear and anxieties clouding our lives. The pandemic has not dampened the spirit of these talented artists, some of whom are CORONA survivors themselves. Please join them in their endeavours to spread the message of courage, strength and togetherness during these tough times.

After the lighting of ceremonial lamp event started with a humble prayer by A.L.P.A.N.A. CORONA se DARO NA – a Spiritual Strength for coping with COVID - 19. Oh! Lord Jagannath, our dearest Almighty, everything is in your hands, in the strength you grant us. Together we shall face this Pandemic. Together we will defeat CORONA. This presentation was conceived and Directed by Guru Smt Alpana Nayak and artists were Guru Smt Alpana Nayak, Prapti Gupta, Pihu Shrivastava & Disha Kannan

Next item was traditional Mangalacharana of odissi repertoire which was presented by our very talented State award winner special student Abhishek Rana. He presented “Namami Vighna Raja Twam” – a prayer to Lord Ganesha, the destroyer of all obstacles, the God of Wisdom and the God of Dance.

Next item of the evening was “Basant Pallavi”. Extremely talented divyang students Khushi Sagar and Shefali Negi presented Basant Pallavi which was based on Basant Raga and Taal Ektaali.

After Basant Pallavi Nerissa Rout presented Raageshree Pallavi. The word “Pallavi” has been derived from the Sanskrit word pallava, which means the bud of a leaf, or the shoots of a tree which are very tender. As a small seed grows gradually into a large tree, in Pallavi, a tune is sung in a particular raga and it develops gradually into different varieties. In this item equal importance is given to dance as well as music and rhythm. The movements in this item are extremely graceful and lyrical.

Next item was an Odia Abhinaya based on “Bha” Champu “Bhangi Chahan………” This is an excerpt from “Kishora Chandranana Champu” written by Kabi Surya Baladev Ratha where each poem comes one after the other in an alphabetical form, following the 34 consonants of the Oriya alphabets. Every line of a particular champu starts with the same alphabet.  Bhangi Chahan champu uses the consonant “Bha”.

In this song sakhi (the friend of Radha) describes the heavenly beauty of Lord Krishna’s different postures to Radha. But Radha is not impressed with her description and trying to defy her with reasonings. Artists were Shreysha, Nerissa Rout and Adrika Das.

The Last item of the evening was CORONA KO DHONA HAI presented by all divyang artists of A.L.P.A.N.A. This presentation was conceived and Directed by Guru Smt Alpana Nayak and Artists were Abhishek, Arti, Ashika, Falak, Kamya, Khushi, Kushagra, Manu, Nikhil, Pallavi S, Pallavi J, Pooja, Shefali, Shipra, Sharvanjeet, Siya, Swati, Tanisha and Tanmay.
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