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INDRADHANUSH 2021: An event of classical dance and music to nourish and encourage young talents and to celebrate 'Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav'

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 18, Aug 2021, 9:52 am IST | UPDATED: 31, Aug 2021, 11:24 am IST

INDRADHANUSH 2021: An event of classical dance and music to nourish and encourage young talents and to celebrate 'Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav' New Delhi: While inaugurating INDRADHANUSH 2021, the 18th annual event of A.L.P.A.N.A on Virtual mode, Chief Guest of the event Shri Siddharth Kishore Dev Verman, IAS, Secretary, National Minorities Commission, Govt. of India said, “over the last eighteen years INDRADHANUSH by New Delhi based NGO, A.L.P.A.N.A. has become a unique platform for inclusive arts where young dancers and musicians from across socio economic strata of society and across abilities perform before a discerning audience. During last one and half year Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on performing arts, but the hard work and dedication of Guru Smt Alpana Nayak, the founder President of the organisation, teachers of different faculties and students had made this event possible even in these difficult times.”

INDRADHANUSH 2021, the 18th annual event of Association for Learning Performing Arts and Normative Action (A.L.P.A.N.A.) was premiered on You Tube and Facebook Live on 15th August, the Independence Day of India. A.L.P.A.N.A. was launched in 2004 as a registered Society in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. During last eighteen years A.L.P.A.N.A. has made significant contribution to its espoused cause of spreading awareness among today’s youth about the rich cultural heritage of India, especially Odissi Dance, Vocal and Instrumental Music. Every year A.L.P.A.N.A. organises INDRADHANUSH, a unique event of Inclusive Arts where Divyang students and other students perform together on the same stage.

Shri Gudey Srinivas, IAS Addl Secretary and Financial Adviser to the Govt of India was the Distinguished Guest of the event. After the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the guests the performances started.

INDRADHANUSH 2021 started with a with a Ganapati Vandana presented by Gauravi Agrawal based on Raag Bhupali and Teen taal. Next music presentation was Chhota Khayaal based on Raag Bahar and Teen Taal by Satviki Dhungana. Since India is celebrating “Bharat ki Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” the music teacher of A.L.P.A.N.A. Smt. Saswati Chatterjee and her students Gauravi and Satviki presented the National song of India - ‘Vande Mataram......’

Last item of the music performance was a Bengali Folk Song “Bandhu teen din tor.....” by Gauravi and Satviki.

Tabla students trained by tabla teacher Shri Subhash Chandra Behera presented Teen Taal Uthaan, Kayada, Palta, Tihayi, Tukda, Gat and Farmaish Chakradaar Tukda and a fantastic Sawal Jawab with Divyang Drummers.

Dance performances started with a dance based on a song “Itni shakti hamein dena data .......” from film Ankush and a peppy dance number based on a song titled “Dil me Mars hai....” presented by Divyaang students of A.L.P.A.N.A.  

The Souvenir of INDRADHANUSH 2021 was released by the Distinguished Guests of the evening.
To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence Pihu, Disha and Shreysha, senior students of A.L.P.A.N.A. presented a special choreography on a song “Bharat Anokha Raag hai.... ” which was a salute to a country blessed with beautiful music, to a country which is the melody of love and peace and to a country ornamented with extraordinary diversity and unity.                                                                   
Traditionally an Odissi dance recital starts with Mangalacharana. At INDRADHANUSH Mangalacharana commenced with an invocation to Lord Jagannath followed by a prayer to Goddess Saraswati based on Sanskrit shloka “Yaa kundendu tushaara haara dhabalaa.....” and an Odia song “Ayile Maa Saraswati……...”

At the event two Pallavis were presented “Kalyan Pallavi” and “Kalabati Pallavi”. Pallavi is a pure dance meaning elaboration. The graceful and lyrical movements of the dancers are supported by intricate rhythm patterns of exceptional beauty. Together they create a beautiful tapestry of rhythm, music and movement. Kalyan Pallavi was presented by two Divyang artists along with other dancers.

The next item was "Shreeta Kamala Kucha Mandala…." which is an excerpt from “Geetagovinda” written by the great Oriya Poet Jayadeva. In this poem the poet has hailed the glory of Lord Vishnu.

The senior students of Guru Smt. Alpana Nayak concluded the event with “Dashaavtar” followed by Moksha”. Dashavataar is an excerpt from “Geetagovindam”. In this song the poet has depicted ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu such as Meena (the fish), Kacchhapa (the tortoise), Shukara(the wild boar), Narahari(half-man half-lion), Vamana(the dwarf), Bhrigupati(the warrior), Raghupati(or Rama the great king), Haladhara(the tiller), Buddha (the preacher of non-violence and peace) and Kalki the destroyer who is yet to come.

Moksha means salvation or spiritual liberation. This dance represents a spiritual culmination for the dancers who soar into the realm of pure aesthetic delight. The dance moves onto a crescendo that is thrilling to both, the eye and the ear. With the cosmic sound of the “Om”, the dance dissolves into nothingness — just like Moksha or the deliverance of the soul in real life.
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