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Presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha does not want to return to TMC

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 24, Jul 2022, 20:43 pm IST | UPDATED: 24, Jul 2022, 20:49 pm IST

Presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha does not want to return to TMC

New Delhi: The Presidential Election 2022 is over. But Yashwant Sinha, the recently defeated presidential candidate, is not returning to the Trinamool Congress. When asked about the matter today, he said, "I thought about this after the announcement of the results. Decided not to join any political party. I will be with the people even without joining a political party." Yashwant has indicated that he will be seen active again in the Rashtriya Manch created by him. From there he can 'speak for himself. Apart from this, decide whether to create another stage or not.

Yashwant joined Trinamool in March last year. He also became the National Vice President of the party. After rejecting three consecutive presidential bids, Yashwant was finalized by the opposition. He told the press conference that he was leaving Trinamool for 'greater reasons'. After he lost, speculations started in the political circles, about will Yashwant return to the TMC again Yashwant himself rejected that possibility today.

Despite not returning to his old party, Yashwant today expressed his gratitude to Trinamool and leader Mamata Banerjee. He said, "I got the most votes from Bengal. But I did not campaign there even once. Mamata told me that to focus more on other states, she would look into the West Bengal polls." Yashwant is angry about the role of JDS. He said, “Both Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy attended the presidential candidate selection meeting called by Mamata Banerjee. They talked about voting with the opposition. But in the end, why you did not vote for me, is not understandable!" Yashwant sees not only the tribal card but also the Central Investigation Agency's poker behind JMM's Hemant Soren standing by the BJP candidate instead of voting for him.

Yashwant said, "If Shiv Sena had not broken up and those who had spoken, would have voted (JMM and JDS) then my vote share would have reached 45 per cent. The votes I got, despite that, were more than any losing presidential candidate before." On the other hand, the Trinamool camp said that Mamata tried hard to bring the opposition parties under one umbrella in the presidential polls. Proof of this is the record number of votes cast in favour of Yashwant Sinha as a defeated candidate despite hundreds of oppositions.

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