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Teams without a captain: Advaniji a soft spoken hard liner, Atalji a hard hitting soft liner

By Uday Dandavate | PUBLISHED: 05, Jun 2013, 13:23 pm IST | UPDATED: 06, Jun 2013, 13:27 pm IST

Teams without a captain: Advaniji a soft spoken hard liner, Atalji a hard hitting soft liner My father spent the perid of emergency with Lal Krishna Advaniji in the Bangalore Prison and the first few months ( until he was released on parole) with Atalji. He would call Advaniji a soft spoken hard liner and Atalji a hard hitting soft liner.

Even his detractors would not fault Advaniji for deviating from his hardcore beliefs ( the exception being his praising Jinnah as a secularist).

Advaniji is lately getting flack from his party colleagues for speaking from his heart. His criticism of the corruption in Karnataka and his recent portrayal of Shivrajsingh Chowhan as a chief Minister whose accomplishments equal or surpass those of Narendra Modi, has not gone well with a party eager to benefit from people's disenchantment  with the current congress government.

In the meanwhile both the congress party and the BJP are vacillating over declaring their captain for the next match up at the 2014 parliamentary elections, because both Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi are seen as a gamble. None of the, have proved their vote catching capacity at the national level.

People's disenchantment with established political parties and the corrupt system is the only certainty in the otherwise uncertain pointers to the post election scenarios. Who will provide a credible alternative is the key question.

Hopefully the restlessness in the minds of the people in the streets will prompt Indian voters to consider their options by looking at each candidate closely rather than be swayed by the rhetoric of the parties, who already stand discredited.