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Kadam Kadam Badhaye Jaa

By Uday Dandavate | PUBLISHED: 18, Feb 2014, 12:52 pm IST | UPDATED: 19, Feb 2014, 19:21 pm IST

Kadam Kadam Badhaye Jaa Here is a thought for those who are watching TV from home and wondering why Kejriwal government failed to govern. We live in times when most of the established parties have became a part of the corrupt system, making electoral politics a game of big money bags.

Over the years, ordinary citizens are forced to accept corruption as an inseparable part of life, primarily because corruption has become the only way to fund ever increasing costs of electioneering, India has woken up in anger, to challenge the system that crushed our dignity and turned us into pawns in the hands of corrupt politicians, administrators and local thugs.

Kejriwal could not govern because the corrupt would not let him govern, Kejriwal could not govern because his ways confronted established money powered governance, Kejriwal failed to govern because the system that failed people rejected him, Kejriwal was ejected by the corrupt system.

He is the only man who had the courage to call out the nexus between the business and the politicians.

Now the choice before India is whether to continue with the game of putting the puppets of the big money in power or to genuinely give a chance to those who are representing the anger, frustration and genuine desire for a fundamental change.

Delhi has ignited a spark, will the fire spread or will the big money douse the fire of conscience?

What is governance after all, if it only serves the interest of the corporates at the cost of ordinary people?