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A real and virtual affair by Israeli troupe Mary Kong

By FnF Desk | PUBLISHED: 05, Nov 2014, 17:01 pm IST | UPDATED: 06, Nov 2014, 15:50 pm IST

A real and virtual affair by Israeli troupe Mary Kong New Delhi: Fears, fantasies and hidden desires of a woman and her attempts to overcome them even as she realises that she is trapped inside a virtual world controlled by a gamer, forms the premise of an Israeli dance production.

The Tel-Aviv based Maria Kong International Movement Collective recently put up a live show titled "Open Source," here recently as part of the ongoing Delhi International Arts Festival.

The show featured performance by dancers and an act by electro and rock band who call themselves the Tiny Finger.

The entire idea of the performance has been derived from the Open Source, a software that can be freely used, changed, and shared by anyone on the Internet.

"Open Source is a different experience. We have used a digital glove technology into the performance. The gamer in the choreograph dons the gloves through which he synchronizes the movement as well as sound and light on the stage," says Talia Landa the show's choreographer.

"Once the bride realises that she is caught inside of a game, she is forced to think about how much the game means to her. Does she have a choice and can she make a difference forms the crux of the the show", says Landa.

A twist in the narrative of the game is provided when the Gamer falls in love with the bride-to-be and enters his own game to win her over.

"Together, they join forces for one kicking, live and electric experience," says Landa.

The one-hour-long show, which integrates light, art, sound, visual effects and video is also reflective about the state of mind of a human being.

"The moment we understand the fact about fear in something is the moment that we overcome fear in our life. How did I get here? Do I have choices? Who is playing with the string of my life? These and decisions like who is in control, is the control with me or is someone else's hands? These are some basic questions explored by the show," says Landa.