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Jaipur Art Summit and the controversy

By Radheshyam Tewari | PUBLISHED: 18, Nov 2014, 15:39 pm IST | UPDATED: 18, Nov 2014, 15:43 pm IST

Jaipur Art Summit and the controversy Jaipur: Jaipur art summit started with great controversy on a piece of installation art depicting the abstract figure of Ganesh  on a toilet pot which enraged a young group of Ganesh lovers of the city who  broke the installation art into pieces at Jawahar Kala kendra Condemning the organizers of the summit. The youth brigade demanded action against the artist who dared  to present Ganesha who is religiously worshiped first among all Devas according to Hindu mythology in such a bad taste.

The summit, to be continued for some more days, with  a list of more than one hundred artists participating from different states, was vandalized before inauguration. Many critics and art lovers of the state condemned representing Lord Ganesh in lewd and depreciatory style against the rule of Freedom of expression.

Interestingly some of the spokesmen of the summit tried to explain the work in reference with the cleanliness movement of the country but  failed to convince the angry youth of the city. According to a senior art critic “Installation art is an artistic genre of three dimensional works that are often site specific and designed to transform the perception of a space.

Generally, the term is applied to interior spaces, whereas exterior interventions are often called  public art, land art, or intervention art however, the boundaries between these terms overlap.

The art of installation is not so simple as many Indian artists  claim. It is an annual Jaipur modern and contemporary art summit held in Pink city, Rajasthan. It includes paintings, sculptures, mixed media  prints, drawings and video arts. It also has an art education series with guided talks conducted by speakers and students of art history.

Simultaneously, there is a speakers' forum with panel of experts from the art domain to discuss issues pertaining to art in the region. It focuses on key issues related tO art production, art market and its reception in India.

More than three hundred of artworks have been exhibited including some  from neighboring countries like Sri lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Few among the artists demonstrated their artistic skill on the canvas in presence of viewers. Timmie kumar, one of the active members of the summit stands tall behind the show.