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Woman's eyes tell different stories

By Radheshyam Tewari | PUBLISHED: 19, Feb 2015, 15:54 pm IST | UPDATED: 19, Aug 2015, 18:04 pm IST

Woman's eyes tell different stories Recent exhibition of some of the beautiful paintings of Dr.Sharda Singh of Varanasi deals with  the paradoxes and ambiguities of both, the painting and women’s life in India. She knows when one should begin a painting and how things will end up? If you want to make the women gorgeous give them one pair of beautiful eyes full of love or miseries, one can read the complete story of her life in detail easily.  

While looking on her canvases, one can find coolness of the moon and the volcano of the Sun in those eyes. Dr Sharda observes the vibrant feeling of women around her and creates dozens of ink and graphite images looking into the space with curiosity.

Her works have been greatly influenced by the unique social and cultural fabric of century old traditions. At Varanasi one gets to explore artistic and cultural harmony unlike any other place in the country. Even when she is painting a Sadhu in oil on canvas in Vanaras her work appear to be full of life.

She says, 'My field of work is Indian lady which is my favorite subject. Being an Indian woman I am more confident in expressing their emotions. I do not how much justice have I done to them on the canvas. I am born in Varanasi where life style is beyond expression.'

There is another interesting fecet of the place where one is free to enjoy the taste of famous Benarasi pans. One of her canvases 'morning glory', oil on canvas  paints the visual shape of the morning like that of a sensual part of the women’s body.