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Just surrender to the EDM madness this Holi

By Vivek Singh Chauhan | PUBLISHED: 23, Mar 2016, 15:57 pm IST | UPDATED: 23, Mar 2016, 15:57 pm IST

Just surrender to the EDM madness this Holi If you are bored of the same rain dance, chilled thandai and stuffed gujiyas year after year on the festival of colours, how about some out-of-the-world EDM (electronic dance music) tracks coupled with mouth-watering cuisine this Holi?

With more and more Holi-themed parties being planned in the capital this week for the big day, March 24, some enthusiastic entrepreneurs have planned something really special for you.

Take the "Holi Spirits" event. Organised by the Ingenuity E event company, it features various games to do with colours, a hookah lounge, rain dance, food and bar stalls where joining the EDM madness (amid the bhaang fervour) will be your best bet.

"The event will have many attractions to match the Holi mood. We will host famous EDM artists Morello Twins (Dutch duo) who will join the festivities all the way from the Netherlands," organiser Rahul Sahni told IANS.

"We are planing to take Holi celebration to the next level where international artists will create some great moments for the people," he added.

The food menu at "Holi Spirits" includes an array of dishes ranging from Indian (north and south) and Oriental cuisines to mouth-watering chaat, kebabs, biryanis and the like.

Another event, "HOLY-BOLLY 2016", is all set to cheer you up with hit EDM numbers along with dance performances, delicious food and drinks and rain dance.

The mind-shattering music will come from Manish Bhatt aka X FADER -- a VH1 Awards and MyFav Awards nominee for three consecutive years.

"Manish will be playing the best of mainstream bollywood and EDM tracks alongside tracks and remixes which are created by him. We also have fun games for all the age groups inside the venue," Shveta Saini, organiser of the "HOLY-BOLLY 2016", told IANS, adding that they will use only herbal colours at the event.

"Holi Moo 2016" is another venue that can be a perfect place to celebrate the festival of colours with organic colours prepared by rural women from Uttarakhand.

Along with games in various colours, a swimming pool, rain dance, foam and bubble bath, over 40 artists - local and international - will perform in various genres at "Holi Moo 2016".

The food will comprise some great offerings from old Delhi, specialised Holi-themed food with cocktails and, of course, thandai.

"Holi Moo was started with an idea of creating a happy eco-system of artists and art lovers who want to celebrate and express their love and passion freely without commercial compulsions," said Raul Chandra, the organiser of the event.

This festival represents the cultural landscape of the city with a unique lexicon of fashion, style, art and music to make for a joyous celebration.

So get drenched in the spirit of themed-Holi celebrations this week.


HOLLY BOLLY 2016 : Tickets for a couple cost Rs.2,999; stag entry at Rs. 1,599; and Rs. 799 for children

Location: Club Florence, Block E, Sushant Lok 2, Sector 56, Gurgaon

Timings: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The ticket includes buffet lunch, two IMFL drinks/mocktails and club rates applicable on selected cocktailsHoli Spirits: Tickets Rs.1,000 per person

Location: Garden of Five Senses

Timings: 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.Holi Moo 2016: Tickets: Rs.2,000 (which you can buy till a day before the event) and Rs.2,500 on the day of event.

Location: Holi Moo Barn, Asiad Tower, behind the Siri Fort auditorium.

Timings: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.