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Shashth Rupa: An exhibition of 6 artists to show the sixth senses of life

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 17, Apr 2018, 18:42 pm IST | UPDATED: 17, Apr 2018, 19:13 pm IST

Shashth Rupa: An exhibition of 6 artists to show the sixth senses of life New Delhi: Shashth Rupa not only showcases artist skill or talent. It about individuality, spirituality or nature's ecstasy to depict ones idea towards our society. It is an amalgamation of six peoples thought process. The main motto of this exhibition is  to show the sixth senses, instinct , face or part of our thinking level thorough our work of art.

Brief of Shashth Rupa:

Ajaya Kumar Mohanty

In my perspective, without the ability to visualize a concept, art would not exit. My work is constant search for the best way to interpret concept that have about myself and the world live in. Through my art I portray, the process what I am thinking about the worldly phenomena. Where we are living with so many diversity which inspire me to step into the inner world journey, What spirituality and individuality Juxtapose is about. I think  we are connected subconsciously to one another but in materialistic world  it is opposite. My  work roams through various theme that are reoccurring such as: social values, complex relationship with nature, false ego, law of nature and optimism.

I choose some symbols , earthly things, and geometric form to depict my process of concept, which is free from all boundaries of orthodoxy. It is a form of language of mine to convey what I have experienced. The art I create is meant to mirror myself, you and us and how we fit in or do not fit in to our world. It is meant to create conversation, evoke emotion, generate questions and act as a catalyst for the evolution of ideas. In the broad scheme of things, work of mine only small steps in idealistic journey within artist and viewer. But an essential step that art in all its many forms has been doing for many cultures for thousands of years and will continue to do. I am also interested in continuing to build my visual work so that it keeps viewers engaged in hearing my viewpoint and interpellate.

Manoj Kumar Mohanty

I am fascinated towards horse drawing and paintings because 'The Horse' is the symbol of energy, activeness, Consciousness, When it finally sees into what lies before him as the energy reservoir. In Indian philosophy, horse is compared with our 10 Karm and Gyaan Indriyaan (Gyaan Indriyaan - ear, tongue, nose, skin and eyes; and Karm Indriyaan - hands, feet, mouth, anus, and reproduction organ).

In Kath Upanishad -most Upanishad are based on Veda, it is said that - "Imagine your soul as the rider, body as the chariot, intellect as the charioteer, and mind as the reins, senses as the horses, desires as the pathways. A person who lacks discrimination and has an unstable mind is unstable to keep his senses under control. He is like a charioteer whose chariot is yoked to vicious horses.

Nivedita Pattnaik

Basically am doing women empowerment works .it's a self feeling  concept that I face every day day to day life. I want paint how women are lead there life a multi tasking works.among the social pressure how they want to fly....

They are the master key of life and love too.
One of my painting titel -the kitchen Queen really it's a interesting example of my can feel that nackless is full of spoon and face is full of work load till she has  a glamorous expression towards the more two work also I paint women as a Laxmi they are really the wealth for a life .....

Mohammed Anwar

I love nature. As in nature water and light play an important role for existence of life, they too play an important role in painting.  So, I make water and light as subject in my painting......

Deepak Bakshi

There is one point, where we all feel the very existence in this weary world.  Sometime when all thought processes varnishes, I just become an observer, everything becomes immense beautiful whether they are landscapes, citiscapes, crowded markets which surrounds me.

They easily get into my paintings. One can see this co-relation of my feelings and the very existence in my paintings........!

Susmita Sahoo

Puri is the seat of Lord of the Universe.When speaking about Odia culture,the first thing that comes to mind is the Jagannath culture. Puri represents the rich traditions and culture of its people manifested in its various festivals celebrated throughout the year.

I have chosen water colour as my medium because it is vibrant .
All my four paintings depict the life and culture of Puri.