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INDRADHANUSH 2023: A Spectacular Display of Talent and Tradition

By FnF Correspondent | PUBLISHED: 29, May 2023, 19:11 pm IST | UPDATED: 29, May 2023, 19:12 pm IST

INDRADHANUSH 2023: A Spectacular Display of Talent and Tradition
New Delhi: The Association for Learning Performing Arts and Normative Action (A.L.P.A.N.A.) hosted its much-awaited event, the 20th Annual Day—Indradhanush 2023—a mesmerising showcase of classical dance and music by the young disciples of A.L.P.A.N.A., including the talented Divyang students. Held at India International Centre (IIC) on Max Mueller Marg, this grand occasion brought together talented artists, esteemed guests, and an enthusiastic audience.
The evening commenced with an enchanting song on the keyboard, titled "Suraj ki Garmi se," setting a vibrant and joyful tone for the rest of the event. The stage was soon graced by A.L.P.A.N.A.'s gifted singers, who presented a captivating Tarana based on Raag: Jaunpuri and Taal: Ektaal.
The musical journey continued with the students' soulful rendition of Chhota Khayal, based on Aarana Raag and Teentaal. The air was filled with nostalgia as the students performed a delightful Bengali folk song, "Ashwino Faguno Mase," reminding everyone of the rich cultural tapestry of India.
The rhythm section took centre stage with a captivating tabla performance that showcased the students' mastery of this classical instrument. The energy soared as the students mesmerised everyone with their beats on the jambe, displaying their command over percussion instruments.
The evening unfolded with a breathtaking dance performance by the talented Divyang students, who graced the stage with their graceful moves to the evergreen Hindi film song, "Barson Re Megha Megha." Their determination and passion shone through, inspiring awe and admiration among all present.
A traditional Odissi dance recital commenced with the Mangalacharana. Challenged and non-challenged students came together to pay homage to Lord Ganesha, the deity of wisdom and dance, through a prayer based on the Sanskrit shloka "Vakratunda Mahakaya."
The audience was then treated to the enthralling Basanta Pallavi, where a tune sung in a particular raga developed gradually into different variations, evoking the beauty of tender shoots and blossoming leaves. 
The next item was presented by the budding little Odissi dancers who performed the basic Odissi steppings which are the foundation stone for learning Odissi dance.
The Aravi Pallavi, based on "Aravi Raga" and taal Ektaali, showcased the dancers' graceful movements complemented by intricate rhythm patterns, creating a mesmerising tapestry of music and motion.
The indomitable spirit of the Divyang students took centre stage once again as they presented a heartfelt prayer to Goddess Durga in the form of the song "Jay Bhagawati Devi Namo Barade."
An enchanting Abhinaya followed, where the dancers brought to life the Sanskrit song "Chandana Charchita Nila Kalevara" from the legendary poet Jaydeva's Geeta Govinda. 
The grand finale was a special Odissi choreography titled "Shunya se Shunya tak—Pancha Mahabhoota." Exploring the profound concept of the five basic elements of the universe—earth, water, air, fire, and space—the dancers embodied these elements and their significance in human existence. 
All performances were accompanied by brilliant renditions of music by Shri Prafulla Mangaraj on Mardala, Shri Prasanta Behera, the vocalist, Shri Dheeraj Pandey on Flute.
In his address, the Chief Guest, Shri Manoj K Dwivedi, IAS, Addl. Secy., Dept. of Personnel & Training, Govt. of India, spoke about the importance of performing arts in achieving “Purnata”. He commended the spirits of the Divyang students and praised their journey of self-sufficiency and self-dependence, setting an example for all. The distinguished guest, Guru Smt. Geetanjali Lal, Sangeet Natak Akademi Awardee and eminent Kathak exponent, marvelled at the dedication of today's youth to pursuing classical art forms amidst a busy and competitive world.
A.L.P.A.N.A., founded in 2004, has continuously worked towards inclusive growth and the promotion of the visual and performing arts. Over the past 20 years, A.L.P.A.N.A. has made significant contributions to spreading awareness about India's rich cultural heritage, particularly in Odissi dance, vocal music, and instrumental music. Today, the institute boasts over 100 students, including 35 Divyang students, who excel in various disciplines, ranging from classical dance and vocal music to painting and vocational crafts.
Indradhanush 2023 was a resounding success, a celebration of talent, tradition, and the indomitable human spirit. For the last two decades ALPANA has been continuing to nurture young artists, providing them with a platform to shine and enriching the cultural landscape of India.
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